Burning Glyphs


  • Q,E or Arrows to rotate
  • WASD to move
  • Shift to sprint/turn faster
  • Space, LCtrl Shoot
  • TAB Map


This game was also released for 7dfps 2020, please bear with me. :)
The goal is to reach the glyph at the end of the level

It took me quite some time to get the raycasting correct (I really started from scratch). Nevertheless, I managed to get 5 levels and multiple pickups, as well as a soundtrack into the game.
The game runs on windows and in the web. The windows build will require the vcredist and openal being installed. The web build might have issues on firefox.

My personal ToDo list:

  • Soundeffects (enemies, hits, shots, walking, …)
  • More weapons
  • More Enemy types
  • Visuals (e.g. grass/rocks) on the floor, particles, …
  • Avoid drawing enemies/items behind walls
  • pacing and learning curve, especially rebalance the levels.

I would be glad to hear your oppinion on the game and I am looking forward to playing your entries!

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