The Ray Casting Kajam has finished! 0

toasty • 3 years ago on 9th Kajam 

Congratulations to everybody who participated! It looks like we have a lot of intriguing entries, so well done everybody :)

Even if you didn't manage to create a full game, you should be proud - this is a particularly technical challenge, after all.

This means there are games to play!

Even if you didn't enter, I suggest you take some time to play the games these excellent folk have made! As always, if you can, please provide them with some of that lovely, juicy feedback. A bit of encouragement wouldn't go amiss either :)

There's still time, sort of

If you haven't yet finished your game, don't panic! This is a casual jam, so entries will be left open for a few days yet. Do try to get it done soon, though: the longer you leave it, the less chance people have to play your game!

What's next then?

We have a bunch of exciting stuff coming up.

11th Alakajam! 26-28th February

The biggest event of 2021 so far: theme voting for the 11th Alakajam! will start in early February, with the actual jam taking place on the weekend 26-28 February. Don't miss it!

Alakajam hackathon, 1st & 8th February

An informal hackathon with @wan, @toasty and others will take place over at Github on the 1st and 8th of February, in the evening Central European Time. If you're interested in fixing bugs, polishing pages or just hacking on your favourite niche magical game jam site, ask in the Alakajam discord or on IRC.