666 Coins

Stealthy procgen thievery

Tournament update: download the new tournament version from itch.io. Start the game and choose Tournmant mode and steal as many Jamicians as you can without getting caught!

Made by ratrogue and voxel for 7dfps / procjam in maybe a bit more than strictly 7 days, sneak through a procedurally generated dimension to steal the loot and then try to escape with it, avoiding being spotted by guardian monsters. All feedback appreciated!

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 • 2 years ago • 

Great Entry! I am pretty amazed by what you achieved in just 7 days.
The procedurally generated level is nice and I especially like the verticality and the diversity with the different areas (sewers, library, streets, …) . I would be highly interested in what methods you used for the level generation.

The mask-guards could be out of a ghibly movie, but the two-legged-eyes are straight nightmare material. :o
I would have enjoyed if there would be some limited amount of throwing daggers to kill them or at least some way to distract them for a limited amount of time. Could be the classic "throw a stone to make them check what that sound was".
Speaking of sounds. The music fits the game very nicely and creates a great mood. The sounds of the enemies are great at announcing them, even though the player cannot see them. For the footsteps of the player it would have been nice if they would have been dependent on the ground. That would increase the immersion even further.

  • 2 years ago • 

Thanks @Laguna! I have to confess that 666 Coins wasn't done within 7 days, we took a lot of liberties in this regard - thankfully this is permitted by the rules of 7dfps. I definitely want the player to be able to distract the monsters, and having different step sounds for different grounds would be great too. So yeah, these are high on our list!

 • 2 years ago • 

The balancing is good imo. I can buy apples and sometimes outrun enemies with clear mechanics. When I fail at something, it rarely feels like I'm not at fault.

I don't know what the glowing orbs are for and I always just drop them to make room 😅

What I had the biggest problems with was knowing where I was and where I must go. The compass is a good start for sure, but somehow, the map elements don't activate my brain in a "oh, this POI is here, so the destination must be over there" way. Depending on whether it's meant to be part of the challenge, a minimap may make things too easy but I would have appreciated one.

As for problems in the gameplay flow, I had to wait a lot. Sure, patience is part of every stealth game, but on street level, the area is so heavily surveilled I had to wait a lot for openings to move. Again, this is of course part of the challenge, but waiting in itself isn't challenging.

It felt like some enemies sometimes stopped moving altogether. This never was a problem for me though.

The use of sound was superb! I liked the atmosphere, too.

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