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Laguna • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam Tournament 

The stars have aligned!
Humble contestants: The time is nigh for an epic battle of the highest highscores, the fastest runs and the smartest strategies.

For the upcoming 7th Alakajam Tournament to become a festival of honor, great achievements and awesome e-sportsmanship, we have spared no effort to bring you the finest selection of prizes for the noble winners.

We will have a pool of prizes from which the winners can select. The first place gets the first pick from the pool, second place the second pick and so on.

Remember, the Tournament will start on 2022-03-25, so warm up your gamepads, train your aim and relax those thumb-muscles,

Let's talk prizes

The prizes are of course all gamedev related

  • Blood Sweat and Pixels by Jason Schreier
  • Designing Games by Tynan Sylvester
  • Level Up! by Scott Rogers

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