Short metroidvania on a floating island

You wake up in a cave on a floating island (you can see the other islands in the distance). Feeling powered by the mysterious Levitatium crystal, you explore… But soon come to realise that all the evil forces on this island are also powered by the Levitatium crystal! Find a way to destroy them.

Important hint: You can fall off the left edge of the island, once you have nothing else to do.


  • Arrows or WASD to move
  • C, K or Space to jump and double jump (once unlocked)
  • X or L to shoot (once unlocked)
  • P to toggle sound effects
  • O to toggle music
  • U to toggle fullscreen mode

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This game entered in the Team competition (5 entries).

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 • 1 year ago • 

I love metroidvania games. This one has potential but needs some polish. The jumping feels awkward. I do like the ledge grabbing. That was really cool. The music was really good. I didn't get as much a connection to the theme as others but it was very enjoyable.

 • 1 year ago • 

Nice graphics and audio, and it was an interesting level to explore.

In the metroidvania style, the upgrades were all necessary, and the pacing of them seemed fitting compared to the size of the level.

A few more save points would have come in handy, especially near some of the tougher jumping-puzzle/enemy combinations. The jumping precision somehow felt tough to master, though I'm not entirely sure why - perhaps it was that the jump height was variable rather than fixed.

All in all, it was an interesting game to play and explore.

 • 1 year ago • 

I love metroidvania games as well and i also think this game has a lot of potential! Really reminds of old school metroid game. I also liked that you added some hidden sections that you can go back to after reaaching power ups and I think the level design was really good too!

I didn't get much of the theme like the others but it was one of my favourites so far! Good job man!

 • 1 year ago • 

Interesting game with a good amount of progression and polish. I liked getting the different upgrades and exploring, though I think the single-tile platforming could often be finicky. Good job overall, though

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 1 year ago • 


Nice pixel art and animations. Not flawless though. There were some real issues with the distinguishing between background elements and foreground walkable elements. And the animations though good looking, didn't match the movement speed and their startup was so long that for shorter movements and jumps they didn't even seem to trigger.

The shooting and explosion effects were nice too. Wish there was some actual feedback on deaths too, now it was very janky. Hit detection felt kinda unfair at points too and the lack of any meaningful invincibility time after getting hit didn't feel great.

The controls were ok but not great. The game had some precision requiring sections where the slidy acceleration/landing really hindered the experience. And a prime example on why platformers usually do the coyote air treatment for jumping off the platforms. The controllable jump height felt kinda off too as there wasn't really a need for it and the timing was so strict that there basically was only two different jump heights too. This just made double jumping less effective and fun.

The ledge grabs were a bit of a miss too for me. They didn't allow double jump afterwards which made relying on it less useful and even the whole grabbing wasn't perfect, I most often grabbed when I didn't want to and vice versa.

The ledge grab power up spot could have used a save spot. Failed that jumping up section twice and having to go re-grab the power wasn't fun. On my third one I decided to go back and activate the save again and obviously after that I didn't fail. 😅

Were the save spots supposed to be behind the player sprite, they looked kinda off…

Found this "secret" hidey hole. Too bad there weren't enything in it but hey, at least it wasn't a soft lock as I first though it was.

Pretty much loathed the boss fight! Didn't really enjoy the single block platforming in the earlier section either (due to slidy controls and no coyote air) but having to do that while a boss is raining bullets down on you was a hell of an experience. It was so bullet spongy too and made even worse by the fact that it had no telegraph for when it was about to change sides so you couldn't really shoot it as long as you wanted to be on the safe side.

The ending was then a bit confusing as it wasn't too clear on what to do next. I did remember the crystal from the beginning of the game but somehow just thought that it was another power up which I couldn't reach yet due to the one way wall. After pretty much trying everything else with no luck, I stumbled back there just to check it out and lo and behold, you were supposed to shoot it. I guess making the "end crystal" more visually distinguishable from the power ups would have made sense. Maybe even a different color. And the actual end trigger too was just as awkwardly just nowhere. Or was it time based? 🤔

Good job, pretty fun game! 👍 I love the genre and this is a fine example of it. Just felt like it could have needed a bit more love and polish, especially in the controls department.

Edit: Oh yeah, the audio. The music was nice, didn't even get very repetitive though that shortish loop was looped for quite some while. The sound effects served their purpose, yet there could have been more. It still was quite silent. Some subtle footsteps maybe. And having some variation on the sounds wouldn't have hurt either.

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 1 year ago • 

Thank you for joinging my stream today.
Unfortunately, the robot wore slippery socks today. xD
The tune of the game i really liked the game, it made me hum/sing along :D

 • 1 year ago • 

I'm not very good at platformers, so I didn't finish it. More save points would have been welcome.

The music is kind of weird, but it fits the art style perfectly. The mechanical bleeps and bloops of the sound effects also fit the style.

Graphics are good, but not amazing. It's sometimes hard to distinguish foreground and background, so you don't know for sure what you can walk on (example: the starting area).

The connection to the theme is tenuous at best :)

 • 1 year ago • 

The music is great and the graphics are nice. I really appreciate that you went for a quite feature packed platformer gameplay with powerups, save points and (most likely self written physics?).
I can imagine that with a bit more polish this could turn into a great game. The foundation and core gameplay systems are definitely there. With some tweaks to the movement and jumping as well as some more safe points and adjusted hitboxes this could turn into a great gameplay experience. Sprinkle some particles and quality of Life features on top and you have a full game!
The music is great, I really love the style and it fits the graphics quite well!

 • 1 year ago • 

I'm sure Antti said everything everyone wanted to say but I just had to give up midway. If the game has you move from a "room" to another vertically either don't make the player die from dropping somewhere or mark it clearly :(
Cool music. Very nice art. I was frustrated. Well done!

 • 1 year ago • 

Phew that was really hard! Loved the ledge grab, but a bit too finnicky and unforgiving even for my taste. After beating the boss I was a bit lost at first, reading your description "Find a way to destroy them" I figured I had to somehow kill every robot/monster. Found the crystal in the end though.

Level design could be somewhat improved. For example, give the player the ability to use powerups immediately on the screen where they find them. And avoid long stretches of repetitive climbing, falling down (and being at lower health than before) is pretty demotivating. Props to @anttihaavikko's comment, that really puts the finger on how it could be improved. I found the same "hidey-hole" xD

Oh, and really good music!

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