Out of This Small World

Out of This Small World is a puzzle game, where you're on a small planet.
You must use the curvature of the planet to your advantage! (hint: the map loops on itself).
Step through the portal and get Out of This Small World (just to find another one behind the portal).


Only the Windows version has been tested

Meant to be run at a 16:9 resolution


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Esc: Open menu
  • (hold) Right Shift: Sprint while moving forward
  • Space: Chop tree (when equipped with an axe and targeting a tree)
  • Right Ctrl: Unlock a door (when equipped with a key and targeting a door)
  • F1: Toggle info
  • P: Mute audio


  • Some switches only work once, some work endlessly
  • Axes are poorly made. They can only withstand chopping down one tree before they break!
  • If you have flippers you can walk on water (no time to implement swimming animation!).


  • The looping world was implemented very poorly. Bugs related to that are bound to happen.
  • Sometimes a tree just won't go down. Restarting the level should do the trick! (Esc and Q).

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