Sticky Stuff

Theme: Two buttons & Growing (both)

NOTE: Ludum Dare Website makes the web build cropped somehow, here's the link:

This was fun one to make! Sticky Stuff is a puzzle game in which you try to reach your glowy blue friend by gathering more mass from sticky shapes around you. The game is played by rotating the character left or right, and waiting for the proper shapes to come by.

I really tried to put an effort to the sound & music side of the game, hope you like it!
The game is designed for 16:9 aspect ratios, but other aspect ratios may or may not work. You can always use a 16:9 aspect ratio and windowed mode if your screen is of a different aspect ratio.

WebGL build mostly works fine but might be a bit wonky with the graphics.

Playthrough video:


  • Left & right arrow keys to turn around (or the on-screen buttons)
  • Esc to exit
  • R to retry a level (tap center on Android)


  • 10 Levels
  • 17 Different sound effects
  • 1 Theme song (04:31)
  • 6 Different shapes that attach to the character (Growing)
  • Local high score system for each level
  • Stationary and moving enemies


Engine: Unity 5
Graphics: Paint.NET
Music: Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)
Sounds: LMMS & Bfxr
Capture: Open Broadcaster Software
IDE: Visual Studio Community 2013
Text Editor(for notes): Sublime Text 3

About the builds

  • Android build available (tested on Samsung Galaxy S3)
  • Mac, Linux and Windows builds available (only Windows is tested)
  • WebGL build works but some graphics may be missing

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