Shoot projectiles and teleport to them. Reach the end.

I had a lot of ideas but it turns out I didn't have enough time!

Teleballtation is a puzzle game where you shoot a projectile and then hit a button to teleport to the location of the projectile. On each level, you attempt to reach a portal that will take you to the next level.


  • 7 levels
  • Over 10 sound effects!
  • 2 Music themes

How to play:

  • Left & Right arrows or A & D to move left and right
  • Up & Down arrows or W & S to aim up and down
  • Hold Space to charge projectile, release to shoot
  • Enter to teleport to projectile position
  • Once you reach the portal, press Enter to teleport to the next level

Note: I have only tested the Windows build.

Some screenshots:

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 • 6 years ago • 

Made it to the end…was it a it frustrating in some places, i think just because it was dificult to poistion the ball exactly where i wanted.. I liked the use of lighting and the level transitions were nice.. sfx and music were also good, pretty juicy maybe not so much on the control/input side though, visually pretty nice though.

 • 6 years ago • 

A solid physics based puzzle! Not exactly breaking new ground here, but the mixture of elements is well thought out. The levels themselves aren't very challenging due to the solution being linear and pretty much obvious every time. Adding in more mechanics and elements in each level to force the player to think through multiple paths would have helped.

I would have preferred mouse control for the aiming, keyboard works ok enough.

The graphics are nice. The teleporter effect is very trippy indeed. The hard edge walls don't fit the otherwise organic looking aesthetic. Animating the background, slowly squirming around, would have been ace!

When it comes to juicyness I don't really feel it. The camera movement is smooth and the way it follows the projectile by zooming out is juicy, but otherwise there is little of it. The few particles look fine, you could have added a trail to the projectile and maybe a ghosting effect to the player ball too.

I gotta say adding juice to a puzzle is tricky due to the limited amount of action. There are no major issues really, something is lacking that is all.

Juicyness 6/10, (about'ish) average

 • 6 years ago • 

Overall impressions

My favorite entry of the competition! The mechanic was well used in the various levels, and the difficulty reasonable throughout. Fun from start to finish.

What has striken me most is the abstract, geometric atmosphere of the game, which worked mostly great! Both the art & sound reminded me of the old Kula World game… I wonder whether it has been an inspiration. The level transitions are awesome as well btw. Maybe the sole aspect of the art which broke the consistency was the walls, which would have worked better if they weren't so blocky (but I reckon doing otherwise would have required more time).

A few small details:

  • I managed to "cheat" on level 2 by jumping directly to the exit. I actually managed to do it in two different ways: the first time by playing with shooting right after teleporting (it was a bit hard to do though), the second by simply shooting while hovering at the spawn.
  • Leaving the gravity of the spawn point without teleporting takes some patience
  • I don't know if it's intended but the ball cannot roll through single-tile large corridors. The ball could have been made slightly larger/smaller depending on the intent.


First the work on camera movement is great, with my sole remark being that it could take in account the direction the ball is aiming at.

Otherwise, while the game is not particularly generous in terms of effects, I still found the controls to be tight and satisfying, with the animated power bar & the missile physics polished enough to make shooting fun.

  • 6 years ago • 

Thanks for playing my game guys!

@Wan it was cool that you noticed the "shoot right after teleport"-mechanic. I wanted that to be the main thing in the game but I didn't have enough time to make it satisfying enough, or to make levels that would teach it to the player.

Also, the the game should have started off with levels without the teleporting projectile. The player could have moved by walking around and getting pulled in by some objects, perhaps hitting some switches… Let's say I would have liked to spend much more time on this than I did.

 • 6 years ago • 

An interesting puzzle game! I enjoyed the concept (and the punny title) - it was an interesting take on teleportation mechanics, and the art was quite nice.

When it comes to juiciness, the basic graphical effects worked out nicely, even if the wall art clashed a bit with the overall impression. I felt that the movement felt a bit too "clunky", in that the combination of directional movement and elevation keys, space and enter-key did not feel entirely intuitive. Mouse aiming, in combination with mouse buttons triggering the two "actions" would have felt more natural I think.

Some added particle effects in the disappearing and appearing locations when teleporting would give extra "oomph" to the teleportation core mechanic (perhaps combined with some kind of trail effect when rolling/falling). I loved the level transitions and overall camera direction, they both worked really well.

The portals beckon.
With good aim, and great patience,
escape is certain.

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