How To Teleport

How To Teleport is an escape game in which the player cannot walk, but has a gun that teleports the player where the projectile lands. The player has 5 ammo at the start of each level, and must find and shoot the door at the end of each level in order to progress to the next one. Some levels have holes in the floor that the player must not land on, and ammo that the player can collect.

I tried to make it easy early on but the later levels should be quite challenging.

You can always restart the level if you die.

The game has:

  • 7 levels
  • main menu with a quick guide
  • 1 theme song
  • 3 sound effects
  • Esc-menu with these options:
    • continue
    • restart level
    • main menu

Tools used:

I had trouble building to Web Player / WebGL, so I only have
Windows, Mac OSX and Linux builds. I run a Windows machine myself so that's the only one I have tested.

Here's a video of the opening levels:

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