The Magnificent Lepus

NOTE: If you have trouble playing through the Ludum Dare Website here's the direct WebGL url:

Introductory video:


  • Space to fire the cannon
  • WASD / Arrow keys to shapeshift
  • R to retry a level


  • Shapeshifting is not instant
  • Only skills highlighted in the skill bar are available per given level
  • Glide paired with Bounce helps you reach into further heights than you would assume
  • I haven't tested the Mac OSX / Linux builds so there is no guarantee they will work


  • 15 Levels
  • 7 Different sound effects
  • 1 Theme song (03:00)
  • 3 Different shapes to shift into


Engine: Unity 5
Graphics: Paint.NET
Music: Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)
Sounds: LMMS & Bfxr
Capture: Open Broadcaster Software
IDE: Visual Studio Community 2013
Text Editor(for notes): Sublime Text 3


The Magnificent Lepus is the most famous rabbit cannonball of our time. But this is no ordinary rabbit cannonball (as if there is such a thing!). Our hero can shapeshift into three different shapes that are useful for traversing difficult terrain.

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