Lights, Camera, Shoot!

Use CCTV cameras to see your targets and shoot them through the walls with your rifle.

Lights, Camera, Shoot!

You are the sniper. Problem is, you can't always see your targets. Luckily you have a beast of a rifle that has no trouble penetrating walls. Use CCTV footage as help to hit your targets!


  • Mouse Left click to shoot
  • Mouse Right click to open rifle scope
  • Mouse to aim
  • Mouse scroll Up / Down or A / Z to zoom in / out within scope
  • Esc to quit
  • R to restart level

Known bugs and issues

  • Mouse scrolling doesn't work properly in WebGL version. There's also some issues with lighting and other visuals. If possible, please play the standalone version for the best experience
  • Bullet decal weirdness. Bullet holes appearing incorrectly or not appearing at all.
  • Walking enemies visually bugging out occasionally.
  • You can enable zoom when camera is returning from bullet time.

Voting results


This game entered in the Team competition (20 entries).

Comments (12)

 • 6 years ago • 

Man this is super creative, if nobody's done this before you've got a nice idea here for a longer game. That being said I was weirdly disturbed by this game. When enemies in a game are shooting back or would kill you if they could it's one thing, but somehow picking off random strangers as they nonchalantly walk past the corpses of their friends gave me the creeps. "waiting room" was where I felt genuinely uncomfrotable. Great game though

 • 6 years ago • 

Very clever game mechanic, it was challenging but I was always able to "solve the puzzle". The Rooftop Exercise level might be my favorite (didn't quite play all of the levels, though). Two nitpicks: I would like to be able to toggle the security cameras while the scope is active, and it would be nice to have bullet holes appear on both sides of walls to more easily connect the dots when looking at security cameras. (Maybe they do appear on both sides, but not reliably?) Also, the "assassin" vibe is very creepy as another commenter mentioned.

 • 6 years ago • 

I wasn't able to finish the hide and seek level, as much as I tried to pinpoint the other dude I was unable to do so. I really like the concept and an excellent use of the theme, and the camera zoom out when shooting a target is very satisfying. I like it!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • 6 years ago • 


Man, this was a very nice game. I had a little trouble with the mouse controls (they were too slidey), but I could play it enough. Super original, and like it has been pointed out, it would be nice to see this turned into a full game. Very clever concept with the cameras and stuff.

 • 6 years ago • 

This game's awesome. It's actually pretty fun to try and map out the buildings in your head. I noticed that the bullet camera didn't happen when a shot wasn't going to come near any targets -- I thought that was a clever way of reducing the effectiveness of peeking into every part of the building.

I think the only thing that was actually annoying was the fact that sometimes I'd miss a completely concealed guy by a hair (i.e. the bullet grazed riiight past him). At that point, it's not really feasible for me to better map out exactly where the torso/head is -- I just have to try making small adjustments until it works.

 • 6 years ago • 

This was a good execution of the theme.

Riding the bullet was neat, I really enjoyed playing this. Hope you continue with this idea and make a full game!

 • 6 years ago • 

the mouse was really twitchy here and i'm not quite sure why. very cool concept and iteration on the theme. i found the music to be a little too repetetive for how long i was playing, but it was still fitting! good job gang!

 • 6 years ago • 

Loved it. Every level felt fresh. Excellent use of the theme. The last level was a bit of a pain and I think I got lucky to beat it. I'm still not sure if the rooms were changing randomly.

Really good entry, congrats.

  • 6 years ago • 

Thank you for the feedback, guys! Feeling motivated to work on this just for fun :D
The mouse is super buggy on browser. Please play the windows build for the best experience.

 • 6 years ago • 

A puzzle about sniping? Haven't played one of these since the crazy old Flash days. Refreshing take on it too, with the security cameras tying everything nicely to the theme.

The graphics are the weakest link this time (out of very strong links!) The sparse textures are gnarly and out of place. A completely flat-shaded look would have been a better fit here. Some kind of a stylish shader would seal the deal.

Not much I can complain about. The bullet cam could be just a wee bit faster for my liking.

Great work!

Overall: 8 (Great)
Graphics: 7 (Good)
Audio: 8 (Great)
Gameplay: 8 (Great)
Originality: 8 (Great)
Theme: 8 (Great)

Sílvia Cavadas
(@silviacavadas) • 6 years ago • 

This is really good! Especially the two last levels. My favorite was hide and seek, I had such a glorious haha! moment. I also thought it was so cool when I found about the randomization.

The music was fitting and the bullet animation looked really good.

Would like to see a polished version of this!

  • 6 years ago • 

Holy crap, thank you all so much for the feedback! I'm really glad you guys like our game. Never could have guessed my first ever jam would turn out to be such a success. :) It gives a nice motivation boost to maybe make something more out of our idea.

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