Little Maze

not really a game though

So I wanted to make some kind of maze, Ancient Ruins is a great theme for that. I made most of it on the Saturday and was going to add some little interactions and stuff on Sunday. But it ended up being really nice weather and I didn't want to spend all day inside. I decided to upload what I did make though. Just to record it.

There are no interactions in this. You just run round a pretty little maze.

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 • 2 years ago • edited • 

Well, what can I say, it's very pretty with the sparkles floating up from the glowing depths. The colour scheme is well chosen to match with that, but the protagonist could have been… a bit more interesting :) Congrats on submitting half a game; it's an important step towards creating a full one!

 • 2 years ago • 

I really like the sparkles & fog, you got a sweet atmosphere down. Looking forward to whatever you make for the next jams!

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