Bird Jumper

Use the arrow keys to move, and try to get as high a score as you can! Jump on the birds to ncrease your score, and land on multiple in a row to increase your multiplier and get an even higher score!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


You're falling for some reason. land on the birds to get points and make combos!


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# User Score
1 @TheKillerFly 2485
2 @jlindskov 2485
3 @KayZ 2415
4 @Rardo 952
5 @KuBic_ 885
6 @Nanukk Luik 818
7 @maartene 594
8 @DrSkort 485
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Comments (15)

1 year ago

Great game. It was fun to play and the graphics were good and the controlls were smooth.
Maybe you could have added more things to jump on or another background.

1 year ago

@DrSkort Thanks for the feedback! I had actually planned for both of those, but I just didn't have enough time to add them in. Maybe in a post-jam version :)

P.S. Have you tried getting a really low score?

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 1 year ago

This game is rather fun, given it's simplistic style. You hit the nail on the head with the theme too and sounds fit the style of gameplay and feels so satisfying to land on the next bird.
What I would suggest is an initial hit at the top, since I feel I struggle hitting any of the first birds at the start of the game. (Unless you are lucky ofcourse)
Great work!

1 year ago

I've never used TIC-80, so first thanks for the discovery, and then it means I don't know the constraints of developping a game on it.
I'm not gonna lie, your game is quite simple, but it doesn't mean it's a pile garbage. The movement are smooth and the combo is quite satisfying. I know it's 8-bits but I think your graphisms and your sound can be improved (more detailled on the ground and a little music).

1 year ago

Very simple game concept and idea, but oooh so satisfying. With tight and easy controls. Nice.
Great and simple reward sound aswell, but after hitting every bird on the way down it sounded like a supermarket checkout, haha.

1 year ago

Hey! Fun game! Might be a bit easy tho? and the sound was a bit annoying in the long run, as a sounddesigner i think the scale up is a bit boring, maybe do it in some other form of musical manner? Like Traids. But really funny, and i had fun matching my friends highscore tho ;)

1 year ago

Thankyou everyone for all the feedback!

@Nanukk Luik That's actually a really good Idea, I'll add that if I make a post-jam version.

@KuBic_ yeah, graphics and sound really aren't my strongsuit, I'm mainly just a programmer.

@TheKillerFly Haha, yes if I made it go any higher it would get really annoying.

@jlindskov oh cool, I didn't know about those. I'll try it.

1 year ago

Everyone said it was easy and etc, I found it hard to play! I figured it would be easier to memorize the level than to try to see where the next bird would be.

1 year ago

Simple, and very effective. Cool.
It's easy, quite fun and it works perfectly.

And thanks tu you I discovered the tic computer!

1 year ago

This is really good. I like the look of it ~ I don't know what the TIC computer is but i'll take a look at it. Really simple but enjoyable :)

1 year ago

Great game, but can you make a Windows downloadable version?

1 year ago

(Wow, somebody got >2400 points, I only got >500).
It's simple and it's a cool and a quick game. Would work good on mobile too I think.
A chiptune BG music would have been great.

You can play my Web game at:

1 year ago

@duel_05 You can download it, but it's inconvinient. You press "Download cart" near the game, and run it by seperately downloading tic-80.

1 year ago

Cue little game. Simple, but fun. I think it's well designed and well executed!

(@OatMealPal) • 1 year ago

A simple yet addictive game. Landing on the birds is super satisfying. Nice work!

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