Cyberpunk IT

You are a Cyberpunk IT worker. Try to piece together why the client's pc isn't working.
Headphones are recommended!

Going for a bit of a horror vibe. So if thats not your thing I understand.
I took the theme not from a literal view, so there is very little actual falling in the game.

WASD to move
Mouse click on nodes to interact
When a lock node is selected, typing will redirect to the node, and escape will return to movement mode.
Shift to run. But you shouldn't need that, you're working IT.

Made with Unity using Probuilder and TextMeshPro.
Audio made using BFXR and BeepBox (Which I'm loving)

As I usually do in gamejams, I tried to do something completely different and learn some new techniques in the process. For this game, I did experimentation with custom post-processing effects, featured prominently. I also took a crack at making my own music, starting really simple because I don't have much experience on that front. Lastly, I a new design pattern utilizing uncoupled data in scriptable objects. This pattern is so cool, and it allows for some really quick creation of new mechanics.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).

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Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 5 years ago • 

Wow, goes to show how much a solo dev can do. Very well done - and a lot of depth to it too. I must say, the passwords kinda boggled me to begin with but you did a really great job with this game.
I didn't hear any audio though, perhaps a bug? You did say you took a crack at making your own music, sadly didn't hear anything.

  • 5 years ago • 

@NanukkLuik Huh, that is strange. I am hearing the build that I uploaded. All the music in particular is at a really low range, so maybe if you are using earbuds you can't hear it too well? At the very beginning it is very quiet, but then it picks up after using the elevator.

 • 5 years ago • 

I'm really impressed by your graphics, I don't know how you've done the convertion of the world to @ and # characters, but it's fabulous.
The gameplay is quite interesting and well done, but it does match the theme (or I didn't see it) and it's a little bit sad I think.
Considering your music, I can't hear any, but worse when there is this little sound which hiss in my ears, it gaves me a headache and I had to stop it.
But I must admit there's a lot of (good) work in this game.

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 5 years ago • 

@Kleinzach Pretty rude to say but if it means that much to you here is a clear indicator there is no music coming through

  • 5 years ago • 

@KuBic_ @NanukkLuik Hmmm… I will check on some more computers and audio setups. I clearly did some sort of bad audio thing.

 • 5 years ago • 

Incredible graphics (especially liked when 3D graphics were represented with @ and # characters), quite interesting gameplay. Music is not bad

 • 5 years ago • 

I really like this. Just goes to show what people can do in 48 hours. I really like the little touches like ASCII showing corruption or the line "My friend recommended that antivirus to me, guess i'm not taking that advice anymore" I'm paraprasing but this was really impressive.

 • 5 years ago • 

Interesting, audio dosen't seems to pick up enough. I used a sound booster just to get a feeling for the ambiance. (Maybe I like it way too loud, I'll put it on personnal preference)

All in all it's pretty good, I don't feel super into the theme, maybe because it's not a "In my face" kind of presentation.

Thanks for the experience!

 • 5 years ago • 

Definitely an interesting experience for sure. Cool puzzles and awesome post-processing effect. Even had a good story, which isn't something I see much in game jams. A top entry for sure!

Also: Albatross Flamingo

 • 5 years ago • 

I think I finished the game? I got back to the start then it crashed?
Anyway I thought this was really great. I can't believe you did it all in the space of the jam on your own. The puzzles were great, difficult but not impossible. Really satisfying to solve them!
Graphics were awesome, idea was awesome. Everything was great. Couple of bugs with the enemy but nothing major, I'm sure you could clean them up no problem!
Great job!

  • 5 years ago • 

@Ztuu yeah, the crashing is intentional. it felt fitting. and now I know in unity you can call Application.ForceCrash()

 • 5 years ago • 

@Kleinzach I thought so and I did like it, I just wanted to double check incase I missed anything!

Fresh Food
(@Fresh-Food) • 5 years ago • 

Different in a good puzzle way, I do like the text puzzle and depth you added to the game, it made it really interesting and was a rather enjoyable music.

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