Aether Nightfall

​A war is raging between humans and Aether elementals. It is up to you to stop them from controlling both light and darkness. Your mission: descend into the Abyss, the realm of darkness. Only you can save humanity.​

Fight your way down into the abyss. Use your power suit to help you triple jump, jet pack, glide, sprint, air dash, and wall climb to avoid obstacles. Use your automatic laser machine gun to eliminate enemies.

Keyboard Controls:
Space = Jump (triple jump), Glide (in air)
A = Left
D = Right
S = Crouch
W = Look up
F = Dash (can be used in air)
Mouse = Aim
Mouse 1 = Shoot/Attack
Mouse 2 or Q = Jet pack (hold)
Left Ctrl = Sprint/Run (hold)
T = Switch Weapon
I = Inventory
Tab = Switch Aim view (Mouse/Analog 1/Analog 2)

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


Game made for 4th Alakajam with theme: Falling


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Comments (7)

a year ago

Great game, my only complaints are that:
My cursor didnt apear on the screen so i was firing blind, i think its just a small bug
Health packs were far spread apart, could be easily fixed
Theres only one enemy type

My two wishes are:
More enemy types
Randomly generated levels

Otherwise its a great fun and arcady, the music is great and non repetitive, the particle effects add great atmosphere.

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • a year ago

I almost thought it was a team made game, very impressive for such a short time.
The only real issue I kept having was (Since I have multiple screens) the mouse kept going outside my screen window. There are ways to fix that in unity though. Other than that, pretty neat game :) a great foundation too!

a year ago

Nice game, I'm sad that there is no cursor for targetting. And I only had one weapon until I finished the game, then when I go by the black entrance, it said "to be continued", and I can't click on "skip", is that normal? This is the end of the game, or it's a bug?

a year ago

yup the ending is bugged as well as the cursor. this is a prologue game that will be released for the metroidvania game jam where it will have more features even more weapons and power ups. look forward to it :-D

a year ago

This is darkness…

This is awesome… I really really enjoyed this game. The movement was fun and worked well same for the shooting. The gigantic (boss?) enemy didn't move for me, not sure if this was meant to happen. Other than that the game was just great fun. I totally forgot you could switch weapon so I only used the first one the entier game! I really like your graphics it looks cool. I like that the cursor doesn't show, I think it suits these type of games because you can see where your gun is pointing.
Great job! Amazing game for a 48h jam!

a year ago

Like mentioned before, a crosshair would have been nice (or maybe it just feels weird because you have to do half circle with the mouse if you want to switch the side where you aim instead of just doing a straight line). But otherwise a great game. But is there a second weapon? I could not change to another weapon and I didn't find another one.

a year ago

This is a prologue game so it has the capability for more weapons but not on this game. thanks for playing!

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