Public Transit Battle Corgi Tycoon

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Play as a machine-gun-wielding battle-frenzied warrior corgi as you mow down alien invaders. It's okay, they probably deserve it.

This game has an online high score board. I'm running it locally, so no guarantees that it stays up past 7/1/20. If you have trouble connecting, but have an otherwise solid connection, drop a comment here and I'll fix it! Excessive profanity on the high score board will be removed and/or comically altered.

This game was made in 72 hours for the ScoreSpace x Alakajam! game jam. All assets were made by plasmastarfish during the time frame.

Art: Paint.NET


SFX: Audacity, SFXR, and rolling a suitcase across tile flooring

Code: Python, PyGame, and Pyinstaller. My code base also included a spritesheet class from my Pyracy library and some networking code from my PySprocket library.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (33 entries).

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 • 3 years ago • edited • 

First off, you had me at the title. however, I couldn't get it to run :( Love the idea of it though :( I didn't leave a rating. Good luck.Got it to work… see below

  • 3 years ago • 

Oh, yikes. What sort of problem were you having?

 • 3 years ago • 

The title screen is so good! So welcoming!
I found a bug, that the enemies can spawn offscreen on a bullett, killing them in the process.
This includes the armored enemies.

 • 3 years ago • 

Brilliant Idea, Brilliant Execution (Of Hundreds of Aliens by an SMG Wielding Corgi)

If there was a category for best title this would 100% win it. The idea is simple but fun, and enhanced by the fact that you're an SMG Wielding Corgi. It's fun to play and has a good variety of enemies to keep things interesting.

 • 3 years ago • 

Finally got it to work. Amazing job. That was very fun. I loved the idea, and the execution was spot on. The gameplay is smooth, the controls are fluid and not overly complex. I loved the various types of monsters. Nice job.

 • 3 years ago • 

Great concept/idea. It was extremely fun to play and I enjoyed comparing my scores to others via scoreboard.

 • 3 years ago • 

Amazing game! Every aspect of the game is amazingly done! The music is catchy and the title wants you to try it straight away! Good job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Cool game! The theme seems very tacked on, and more like an alibi. :P
It's a well made side scrolling shooter, with good, no great enemy design for a jam game, striking visuals and a good soundtrack.

Naming your pup and competing in an online scoreboard also is a nice touch. Well done.

 • 3 years ago • 

Metal Slug meets Corgi ! Love your game, it's technically well executed, I think you rocked it.
Your visuals are astonishing, the music is great, and it's even more astonishing considering you are in the solo category. Congrats :)

 • 3 years ago • 

A lot of polish in this one, which I liked a lot (although I missed some animations for the corgi).

  • 3 years ago • 

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

@elZach In ideation I intended for the connections to play a little bit more of a role, perhaps with a minigame between rounds where you have to map your route through the city. Ultimately that got sidelined for other content and the theme was reduced to cosmetic only. It served as fun thematic inspiration though!

@MatchaMaze I didn't seem to be able to replicate it, but it might be some weird edge case that fell through the lazy game-jam QA! There is the intended behavior of killing nearby enemies when you take damage, though.

@AaronBacon The title is certainly fun, haha. I was describing the game to a friend and used that phrasing, and decided it was just ridiculous enough to stick.

 • 3 years ago • 

Nice entry :) The intro is really beautiful and set the strange mood of the game. The controls are the only thing pulling this back, jumping feels imprecise and a bit weird with the scrolling.
The different ennemies are a nice touch and the overall mood of the game is of course really cute, well done

 • 3 years ago • 

This is an incredibly polished and impressive entry! I love all the little details: the screen shake as the subway cars pass by, the fare subtracted from your money at the end of each level, the sadly missing corgi on the game over screen… everything is just super charming.

Like the other commenters, I love the title, but I do wonder where the "tycoon" part comes in. I didn't make it past level 5… is there perhaps some way you can spend your money (besides on fares) every 5 levels or something? Was there a scrapped feature that made it more relevant?

I couldn't connect to the online scoreboard, just so you know. I kept getting the message "press R to retry loading" after 10 or so seconds of loading. I may come back tomorrow to put a score on there- I have a feeling I might need the practice for this weekend.

  • 3 years ago • 

@Birdwards Thanks so much for the long review! It looks like the high score server (running on my old laptop) may have crashed, but I just reset it if you want to try again at some point.

The "tycoon" bit was essentially just because you collect a bunch of cash as you go… not the strictest use of the word but boy does that title roll off the tongue. :)

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