Gravity Hook

Gravity Hook is a score-based mouse-only action game which makes the player survive increasing amounts of enemies and spike blocks. The goal of the game is gaining as many points as possible by killing enemies, or connecting to them with your hook/cable to suck out their energy with the risk of not being able to move while doing so.

You use this grappling hook to maneuver around the arena which allows you to pull youself towards safety, or grip walls before bouncing off of them in order to dodge the robotic enemies that will keep charging at you until you stop them.

Another hazard that will make the game hard for you are the spike blocks that fly across the arena in random intervalls. The longer you play, the more you'll have to move around to get a good high score.

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 • 11 days ago  • 

One of my favorite game so far !
I just find that the camera shaking is a little too strong in my opinion.

I had a bug during last play , while I was hooked to an ennemy a second one dashed on me and i got stucked between both of them and and I wasn't able to hook on a wall or an ennemy (it seems by the way that you're kind of invicible during the "energy sucking").

 • 11 days ago  • 

Really creative concept, gives off a feel of a fully polished Nitrome Game =)

Personally I never encountered any bugs, so it was really fun to play =P

 • 11 days ago  • 

Nice entry!

Graphics are really polished, and the grappling mechanic feels really good. There's good warning on the enemy spawning and spike balls from off-stage.

One thing I didn't like is how much knockback there is on killing an enemy or releasing a wall. Occasionally you would get in a situation where the knockback is in the direction of a hazard and there isn't much you can do to avoid it.

Great work for one person in 72 hours!

 • 11 days ago  • 

Sooooo fun ! Great concept and great pixel art. Looooved it ! Congrats !

 • 11 days ago  • 

Just here jamming to that fat intro. :)

Edit: Although my highscore attempt ended in me being stuck, unable to move or be hurt. :(
Just some warnings about disabled device orientation in the console though…

 • 10 days ago  • 

Damn, that music in the menu though!
The game is simple ,but very nice and polished!
The sounds and the mechanics are adding to the great feel!

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 10 days ago  • 

It's a very polished game and the gameplay loop feels complete and rewarding. There was a couple times where the spike's location and where the points spawned was a little unfair, but overall it feels like a game that would have a good skill curve. Good job!

 • 10 days ago  • 

An extremely polished and fun game. The music is amazing along with the graphics. I don't reall have any critique because it is an overall amazing game.

 • 9 days ago  • 

This is so well done. The game is really polished and the gameplay's really fun. The game is simple enough to not need a dedicated tutorial yet deep enough to need a few playthroughs to understand how the mechanics interact together. Great game.

 • 8 days ago  • 

Cool entry, like the athmospheric: audio, visual, camera shaking, nice!
It was fun and entertaining play it.

 • 7 days ago  • 

Nice work! It's fun and well-designed. The audio is excellent, too.

I usually like screen shaking, but here I agree that it's too powerful- I had to stop playing in fullscreen so I didn't get motion sickness. Also, I encountered a bug a couple times where I was still sucking energy from an enemy when I was holding the mouse button even though our sprites weren't touching (I forget the exact conditions- perhaps it happened after I took damage while energy-sucking?).

One more minor bug: whenever I set a new high score, I found that the "high score:" field contained the correct score, but the normal "score:" field did not take into account all the points that had yet to be added when I lost my last life, so the two fields didn't match (see my high score screenshot- I took that immediately when I set the shown high score).

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Grapple around an arena with increasingly difficult enemies




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