Stuppy Game

Singleplayer Super Auto Pets pw: santa
Game for the Secret Santa Jam 2021
the game is obviously very early and lacks a lot of content - but most of the crucial game systems are in place and ready to be feedbacked on.

The game drops you directly into the start area, where you can speak to npcs to make them join you or fight you.
There's a random combat button in the menu for further testing of the games combat.

The game is currently only playable with mouse & keyboard - the overworld is navigatable by keys, but the combat still relies on mouse inputs.

There are two phases to the combat, in the first phase you have to decide on the order you want your animals to fight in. Then follows the resolve phase in which the combat gets fought automatically until either loss or win.

Comments (3)

 • 2 years ago • 

Awesome game with super cute character art.

The battle system works great and is enjoyable to play around with. The graphics are super nice and the characters are what really makes this entry shine! It also has quite some content.

One thing to improve on would be the rather fast battle animations. For me everything went a tiny bit too fast. Also it took me some time to figure out what the numbers mean. Other than that, this is a great entry and I would enjoy to play the final, finished version of it!

 • 2 years ago • 

The art in this is delicious; I love those creatures. I wonder if the environment appearance could be made to look a bit more cartoony too, to fit the characters.

I think the UI is very cool, and generally it's quite easy to get into the game. One thing that puzzled me for a while was how the fights would work, and also the fact that I needed to click "Fight" to start (maybe it could look a little more button-like?). I enjoyed the fights though, and the different creatures and mechanics allow for quite a lot of variation. Nice work B-)

 • 2 years ago • 

I came back to this page to complain I couldn't activate the fight, but then saw @toastys' comment to click on the 'Fight' text. I also had no idea it was a button. I like the overworld and the general feel, but the battle system is still a bit opaque to me. I probably need a tutorial!

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