Falling Escape

This game was made in 48 hours for Alakajam #4!

Bugs: Um, lots, but most notable is sometimes your player clones himself, and the portal animations were never done. Also, the game has no sound effects, and the sound track is awful. The game also lets you keep playing after you hit a death scene, if you can figure out how.


  • Embarressing crimes! (Also, fixed embarrassing typo.)
  • Falling! Lots of it!
  • Spikey death traps!
  • Ambiguous portals that take you to random other places!
  • Blatant advertising!
  • Free stickers!
  • Post jam feature: Due to popular demand, the camera follows the player, even when going up!

Use A/D to move left/right, and space to interact with the lever in the opening scene.

Bad music was created by Laaph. No sound effects were made.
Good art was created by Evrim, and bad art was created by Laaph.
All programming was done by Laaph.
Sticker art was done pre-game jam, but when I had the idea to put free stickers in the game, it seemed appropriate. Sticker art was created by Evrim, with text layout by Laaph.

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This game entered in the Team competition (24 entries).


Escape from your unjust imprisonment (what did you do?) by falling to a safer place!


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Comments (15)

1 year ago

Very trippy!! Managed to get out on the 3rd try but tempted to go back and find more "paths"…

1 year ago

needed to be the real exit :( Bouncing on that damn dragon is such a pain. I liked it overall, but the camera should give you a bit more view for it to not be a "blind lets luck our way" through. It could be what you guys intended tho :)

1 year ago

I had planned so many alternate endings and paths! The portal wasn't meant to be fake, it just became yet another path that was cut at the last minute. :(

I also cut the river, the mushroom kingdom, the goblin lair, the mouse village, the sekrit laboratory (well the sign still made it in), the "one makes you tall, one makes you small" potions, and the perfect "splat" and "smoosh" sound effects.

I could change the camera to always follow the player, instead of just follow the player down.

1 year ago

What a troll exit!! "Haha! I have made it past you alligator thing!…oh..it's a fake exit" DEAD
This was short, but I thought it was entertaing with a lot of potential for more.

I just read your comment above, and they all sound like great ideas for a game like this! I do think having the camera follow the player would be great, espesially since the character is so bouncy.

1 year ago

Wow, that's special!
It really is fun, with rythm and surprises. I love it.

What's a bit frustrating however is not to see all what happens because of the camera. I won the game on the second try, not even knowing what I did.

1 year ago

Short game, but wow what a art style.

1 year ago

This game makes me laugh. It's so funny. :D

1 year ago

I changed the camera code! It now follows you even on the bouncing up, not just bouncing down.

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 1 year ago

That's some rolly polly teleporation meat arted wacky game right here.

1 year ago

Haha! I enjoyed it! Short, sweet, and filled with fake sekrits. Music was perfect.

Great work cutting things and keeping it focused!

1 year ago

I like the different ridiculous crimes this dude was imprisoned for. He died a lot, but managed to escape eventually.

1 year ago

Very interesting game, I am still not sure what exactly everything means. The physics was really buggy but this didn't really distract from the game as you were bumping around all over the place anyways.

Fresh Food
(@Fresh-Food) • 1 year ago

A very different game, you stayed with the theme very well. I liked the grapics they looked neat

1 year ago

I like to give serious feedback for serious titles… Rolling right along.

Which program did you use for the music? The instruments are giving me some nostalgic vibes. Even the composition isn't that bad; fits the randomness of it all!

1 year ago

@HuvaaKoodia I used Bosca Ceiol for the music. Although I've played with it many times in the past, it's the first time I hit the "save" button and used it for a project.

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