Modular Hope

Survive in space by building a sustainable ship!

30/11 update: game release is late!

Due to being sick a good part of the month and [insert more excuses here], my November Challenge entry is late. I still plan to release the game on ASAP, as "pay what you want" at least until I can get a solid game loop running.

Meanwhile, the free jam version is still playable online and I'm still interested in external opinions on how the gameplay could adapt into a bigger commercial game.

Good luck with everyone's challenge!

My November project aims to rewrite and expand A.G. Hope, the game I entered with @thrainsa for the 3rd Alakajam. My minimal list of things to do before considering a commercial release is as follows:

  • [DONE] Rename the game
  • [DOING] Rewrite ship building physics
  • SFX pass to clear licensing for a commercial game
  • Simplify UI as much as possible
  • Improve balancing (gameplay + scale of visual elements)

I then have plenty of ideas to expand the gameplay, but the starting point needs to be solid enough foundations to iterate upon.

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