A long time ago, back when console auto-completion was not a thing, disk memory was limited. Free some space so you can finally play your exciting new game.

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Free 999.3kB on the disk to play your game





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a year ago

Ah, this game cracked me up :D

Short but very sweet; made me laugh a lot. My only quibble was the lack of tab-completion and up-arrow repeat support, but for a game this size it's hardly worth it.

FWIW I'd actually really enjoy playing a longer version, though it might require some serious thought about guiding the user if you wanted to do that.

a year ago

@toasty Thanks for the review :) If I were to make the game bigger, my main idea was to use file permissions to hide folders until you're logged as the right person. It would also probably have taken place in another setting, like the file server of a company, where you would discover terrible secrets…

a year ago

@wan ooh great idea. When can I buy the full version? ;)

a year ago


a year ago

@wan Awwwww

a year ago

Realy enjoyed the humor of the game. Would like to see a longer version as well :)

Since I'm quite a console newbie is there any way to recover after entering a wrong command? For example I forgot to enter 'cat' before opening a file. And it correcty showed me it is not an executable and than I got stuck in the '?' line and had to restart.

a year ago

@Theras Looks like you found a bug! Thanks, it's now fixed.

a year ago

This game is hilarious: I laughed out loud at the end. An authentic reflection of trying to get dos games to run on the school computers during high school :)

I really liked the concept!

a year ago

That was great! I love the concept, its just so unusual and went about doing the retro theme in a completely new way. You had a bit of characterization, but this reminds me a lot of something like Her Story, where you can do a lot of interesting story through non-traditional means.

a year ago

This was cool. Totally not what I expected but I got there in the end :D Bit of a console newbie so there was a learning curve but I worked it out. Only small potential bug I noticed was you dont have to actually run b7hackr to get the password from the output file? Is it just meant to have been run before? Not a big deal either way.

2 questions.
What are you going to do with my credit card number?
When do I get my pictures?

All jokes aside, good job on the game :)

a year ago

Thanks guys for the positive feedback!


Is it just meant to have been run before?

Yup, I suspect Chad launching xhotxxx.exe triggered the virus to silently install and launch itself!

What are you going to do with my credit card number? When do I get my pictures?

Thanks for sharing your credit card number. The pictures will be provided as soon as the card is confirmed by our services ;)

a year ago

I really enjoyed playing this one. I am quite used to consoles, but super bad at puzzle solving. prince.exe made a good compromise for me, so I never felt lost and I always had a clue on how to progess.

The humor was really good and made me laugh multiple times. As getting something like this right in a game is not easy: excellent job done there!

If you want to take this further, you could add more commands and "secrets" to be found. Perhaps prince.exe is not the last game to be played with high system requirements? ;) Or other computers in the network ask to be hacked by the player.

a year ago

sort of like work but fun :) , caught myself exiting root before running zhotxxx.exe, don't want to mess up my system :D. Was a bit dissapointed in the final game after my hard work, was hoping for a little mini game of some classic, but should have known given the retro theme. Only complaint was missing tab complete and up arrow, but hey. I really like the idea of a console based game though.

a year ago

good fun! amazing how natural the terminal felt, like everyone else I kept pressing up and tab and wondering why it don't work!!

good humour and nice little "secrets" to find. Now I better go re-write my CV :(

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