Huss ! Foreigner !

Play a real jackass viking who tries to escape from "without soul ginger vikings" by riding a huge water fall. Just pick your phone, bend it to move and tap it for accelerate.

Good luck boiiiiii !

This Game was made during the Alakajam with the theme "Falling". We are a team of young students (first and second year game designers at school). Hope you enjoy this little game !


Samuel Do Nascimento Goncalves as Game Designer & SFX

Lisa Fontaine as Programer

Etienne Jeambrun as Game Designer, VFX & 2D Art

Hippolyte Azalbert as Programer & VFX

Benoit Deneaux as Sound Designer & Programer

Paul Lyaudet as 2D Art, Animation & Programer

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Play a real jackass viking who tries to escape from "without soul ginger vikings" by riding a huge water fall. Just pick your phone, bend it to move and tap it for accelerate.


Viking Fall



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a year ago

Pretty ballsy to do a game on a phone. Fortunately, I got a phone emulator.
The game is globally great and I didn't see big bugs. Furthermore, vikings are always cool, but cooler when they are surfing.
I just didn't understand the goal of the bonuses, the shield didn't protect me against the projectile of the demon (? What the heck is that flying creature ?), and does the beer do something ?
Well, I think the main challenge was the mobile platform so you did great (I think).

a year ago

Really a cool concept of Surfing of vikings. Loved it. But there is always scope for improvement

a year ago

Great game on mobile platform but its graphics and audio needs to be improvised.
Performance was nice

a year ago

Nice game, fortunatly i still had my emulator installed.

Like Kubic_ im curious what the idems did if anything?

Was there ment to be 3 play buttons ? Bug wise, sometims vikings would spawn while not standing on anything. and on one run there were no enimies or rocks to be seen at all.

overall nice game just a couple bugs.

a year ago

That was fun. I was thrown off a bit by some of the UI design, like how small the score was at the bottom of the screen. That may just be resolutions of different phones, so I sould make sure to use a canvas scalar on your UI canvas. Also, there seemed to be purple squares in the middle of some rock formations.
Gameplay-wise it was simple, but fun. I like the added mechanics of enemy vikings and ships swimming after you. I liked the audio clips, but felt that the balance was off and buried the background music.

a year ago

Thank you all for the feedback. I agree VR is ambitious. I figure it's the time to start learning because anyone can make a Google Cardboard for almost nothing. That said, I have no VR; I just love having 3D games right there in a browser.

a year ago

Ouch, it's a .APK. I have no phone so that means no play for me.

a year ago

I was quite impressed with the amount of contents in this game: after each attempt I kept discovering new enemies, bonuses, etc. I'm sure I still have missed a few things (for instance I've never seen more than the bow of the viking boat - too good at escaping! - so I'm not sure how they attack).

The downside is there's a couple mechanics I didn't understand. For instance I have no idea what the lifebuoys are for, nor the little purple circles we can see from time to time.

It didn't prevent me from enjoying this funny game, with its really nice graphics & animations, so I'm definitely rating this as a good entry.

a year ago

Fun game, simple and well executed. But I died in a weird way around 2400 score. I picked up some wings for my helmet, then a green ball shooted me at light speed ???

a year ago

cool idea and interesting controls! i have yet to get far in this game but i like the idea. would be good to have a couple of lifes or the ability to break a log once every now and then as sometimes i feel i have no chance to moce quick enough.will do some more surfing later! good work!

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