Double Don't

Don't match the color! Don't match the glyph!

Click or tap to place a block

Avoid matching the color or glyph pattern !

Right click or tap the large glyph to discard your next block and glyph.
Backspace can be used to mute the game. (sorry mobile, patch soon)

Version 0.0.1 of Double Don't isn't not here!

What started as tinkering building a micro game/toy for a GM20 game jam idea evolved into, what I find to be, a surprisingly addictive reversal of a block popper puzzle. Avoid matching either the eight colors and the shapes or expect cascading consequences!

How fast can you fill the board?

Background Track used with permission from Kaotic Shock.
Listen to it on Spotify

Comments (3)

 • 3 years ago • 
  • first thought as someone with red/green color blind - some of the colors are to close to be quickly distinquishable.
  • given that things fall, I would have the 'placement' icon always show were it would end up.
  • background music is ok, but doesn't quite fix the mood of the game
  • graphics are ok.
  • I would like a slight increase in the time were it shows what was the match that caused stuff to disapear… had multiple times that I had no idea why stuff disapeared.
 • 3 years ago • 

If the icons had some flashing before disappearing would be nice. I also agree with the idea that the cursor should go where the icon will land.

 • 3 years ago • 

I really enjoyed this little toy/game. The music and sound design overall are great and fit well with the kinda mystic, artsy cube designs. For some reason I find the background sprite very effective at giving character to the game presentation, it's basically just a looped gradient but it works! Overall it's quite a polished little thing, the only missing bit is some more juice when we wrongly match pairs, with some sound and/or visual effect.

Gameplay-wise it was indeed much more fun than on paper. After a couple wins I had fun trying to break the game by click-spamming: I eventually figured that I could more or less get an advantage by spamming blindly 3 of the 4 rows (leaving a gap in one of the middle rows) until they're roughly filled, then finishing the board more carefully. Compared to a very good player I'm not sure the strategy stands though. I don't know if it's worth introducing a cooldown between getting blocks.

Like AdroitConceptions I also found some pinks/reds a bit close for comfort, not color blind here so I'll just took it as a will to trick players a little bit ; but yeah this doesn't seem too friendly for color blind people.

I hope you'll figure out how to expand the gameplay, interacting with the board was satisfying so I wish I had more contents to play with!

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