Arrow Fighter

Asteroid-like game with 3 game modes

This was my first unity project, and it's full of downloaded assets! I hope it's not too broken. ^^'
I made this mid 2017 and put a lot of work into it, but I didn't know much about game dev.

This game is gamepad only! (tested with an xbox controller)

Game modes

  • Classic : Play through 9 levels of asteroid-like action. All asteroids stay still at the beginning, but your bullets push them, so be careful which one you shoot first! Always go back to the middle between each wave, as it is the only safe spot!

  • Duel : Fight against a local opponent in a procedurally generated level.

  • Defender : Defend your base against waves of asteroids. Follow your marker to secure asteroid fields before they reach your base! Deflecting the asteroids also saves your base, you don't have to destroy all of them.

Controls (might not be 100% accurate sorry) :

Move/Aim : Left stick
Shoot : X
Reload : B
Brake : L1 (very useful!)
Boost engines : R1
Menu : Start button

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 • 5 years ago • 

That is quite smooth and polished for a first Unity game! You made good use of third-party assets, and got a quite consistent result out of them. Even the menus were made with care and are very inviting.

I started by playing Classic Mode, which is pretty much what it says on the label. In this mode, the background is static and uniform, so between that and the complete lack of UI the mode felt a bit rough. Despite that, the controls are solid and shooting asteroids is satisfying enough thanks to the SFX + particles + good physics, so it was pleasant to play. I noticed that shooting vertically was quite risky, because bullets could hit me back from the other side, but when shooting horizontally the bullets faded before they could loop so I quickly adopted the strategy of mostly shooting left & right.

The next step was trying the Defender Mode, and it was a much more ambitious game! The parallax effect on the background made the game look quite better already. The UI was pretty clear and I quickly understood how that mode worked, going to attack each wave of asteroids trying to destroy them all. The reloading mechanic was a bit frustrating though, feeling like a gimmick more than anything. At least I got used to it, but it didn't really impact the gameplay in a meaningful way, unlike for instance what an overheating mechanic could do.

In the latter waves I realized it was more effective to just split the big blocks as early as possible, then use my bullets to push aside what was about to hit the ship, so there were some basic tactics at play which is cool. Sometimes, waves would even hit each other which was fun to (hear more than) watch :)

My main feedback on the Defender Mode would be to add a live score indicator to better understand how the score works. Is score calculated just according to the health of the mother ship? Or does it take in account how many asteroids I destroyed? For a high score game it would have felt better to get a clear understanding of the rules. Another welcome addition would have been to make the mode infinite and increasingly hard until impossible. Overall the game is balanced more towards the easy side, which is a valid choice but left me wanting for a bigger challenge in Defender Mode.

I have barely tried the Duels, but it looks fun as well. One final remark is I've never used Braking/Boosting until checking back on the game page, it turns out the game is playable enough without them :P

Nice job overall, this was a fun game to play!

 • 5 years ago • 

This is another take on asteroids. It has three modes of which I managed to try two.
The classic mode is an asteroids clone, where the player controls where the ship is
aiming and shoots at asteroids. One hit and you're gone. The second mode is a 'defender'
mode, where the player has to defend a mother ship from waves of asteroids. This
is much more interesting (IMHO) with some relevant strategy involved by carefully choosing
which asteroids can be safely handled and the hits that one can take and allow the
mother ship to take. The last mode, duel, I didn't try because… nobody wanted to play
with me here. The game has controller support… which is great! However, the analog stick
is used to turn the ship instead of the perhaps more intuitive aiming. As a result, if
the ship is facing down and an asteroid comes from one side, one has to turn to the
opposing side, which can be very confusing at least at first. Apart from the controls,
the gameplay good but introduces no significant novelties on the classic mode. On the
other hand, as I said before, I really enjoyed the defender mode. With enough damage
capacity to take multiple blows, one can start using some strategy. The waves of
asteroids are clearly indicated with arrows showing where and when they are comming.
So one can even venture out away from the mother ship to hunt down those buggers and
reduce them to rubble before any real damage can be made.
It was a bit frustrating to go through the menus for settings and find that none are
yet active. But that's ok at this point. The art is very very good, with well drawn
ships and 3D or 3D rendered asteroids. However, it would be nice to have bigger bullets.
Everything else takes up generous screen space whereas the bullets are but tiny pellets.
Also, the game would benefit from a bit more juice by introducing some effects like
screen shake to enhance the explosions. Just a bit… Not much…
The sounds are just right… Nothing too annoying, with balanced bullet sounds and good
explosion sounds. However, in particular for the bullet sounds, I would suggest some
randomized pitch shift to make less repetitive.

 • 5 years ago • 

This is nicely polished for a first unity game! It even has a settings menu and everything! :)

Anyway, I was going to say "why not use one stick for aiming and one for steering" but having them on the same gives the game a different challenge than traditional asteroid games! Also it makes sense that you have to face the asteroids while firing your lasers!

I thought the classic mode was nice and gradually more and more challenging. In fact, I played it as a puzzle game; making a tactic before starting each level. Since shooting also gives asteroids velocity, you can't just spam like crazy as you will be hit by a speeding asteroid. Instead I picked off one of the smaller one, or split one and finished that one before moving the a second. Was nice to be able to plan ahead which you don't normally do in these kind of games!

I also enjoyed the defender mode, although it didn't get as challenging as I feared. Love the reload button! :)

It is very polished, and the defender mode even more so. Add some attacking space ships, some weapon/armour upgrades (and maybe make your base defend itself) and you have a proper game!

 • 5 years ago • 

Art: Very polished. I think you said it was borrowed assets, bt still, theyre very well used. the main things I'd add are movement in the background, maybe with some star parallax, and a small particle trail for the ship ignition, but everything looks awesome, really.

How clean and well-disgned the UI and menu system is also deserves Kudos.

Music: Like it, but especially I like how everywhere the SFX is. Just very very clean.

Gameplay: I absolutely adore the contol system, and tle level of control ti gives you. You really feel like youre in charge, but you still feel the wieght and the difficultis of maneuvering a ship in the void. Feels very fair and realistic. The rock formation have a puzzle element that I really enjoy.

I think it would have been good for the game to indicate where asteriods are going to spawn, i sometimes didnt know or forgot to move to the midle on the warning sound and then having to redo everything is a bit bothersome.

Final thoughts: its kind of a simple project and not too original, but beign able to execute well a simple diea like this says a lot. Its really a nice game to play, and would have done great in the flash era, in kongregate or whatever, I'm sure.

 • 5 years ago • 

Initial Impressions

I know this is your first game created so GREAT JOB getting started, in all honesty it is much better than my first games as far I can remember and perhaps even better than some of my recent jam games. The following feedback is a bit unfiltered and some things you will become aware of as you persue the hobby further. Putting it up for feedback is definitely more brave than I ever was, so although this is unfiltered, take the bits you want and leave the bits you don't:

Game Controls

Saying "Supports Controller" feels like it would play on keyboard/mouse for PC game, which it does not. Worse yet it lets you get all the way into game before realizing this, and pressing escape does NOT quit the game. Luckily ALT-F4 to the rescue.

After plugging the controller in, I went play and STILL had no control over the ship. This was because I used the mouse to choose "Classic" before pressing the A button to join. Perhaps you may need to disable / grey out the Classic / mode buttons until a ship has joined; or since you spawned just assume one of the controllers giving input belongs to it.

The aiming of the ship is really odd to me, you aim using the joystick in direction desired on a global vs by rotating the ship left or right on a local level - which is what I would expect from a game like this.

Final thoughts

The game requires you to use alt-f4 to close after dying, or at least I was unable to find how to restart the game-loop without quitting completely.

Again, keep at it, a lot to learn and it takes time. Good job on submitting!

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