Arrow Fighter

This was my first unity project, and it's full of downloaded assets! I hope it's not too broken. ^^'
I made this mid 2017 and put a lot of work into it, but I didn't know much about game dev.

Game modes

  • Classic : Play through 9 levels of asteroid-like action. All asteroids stay still at the beginning, but your bullets push them, so be careful which one you shoot first! Always go back to the middle between each wave, as it is the only safe spot!

  • Duel : Fight against a local opponent in a procedurally generated level.

  • Defender : Defend your base against waves of asteroids. Follow your marker to secure asteroid fields before they reach your base! Deflecting the asteroids also saves your base, you don't have to destroy all of them.

Gamepad Support (tested with an Xbox controller)

Controls (might not be 100% accurate sorry) :

Move : Left stick
Aim : Right stick
Shoot : X
Reload : Y
Boost engines : R1
Menu : Start button

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Asteroid-like game with 3 game modes





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