First mockups 1

Wan • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Gimbal Commando

We're going with space battles, and all three themes! Once again this is probably too ambitious for a team of 2, I guess we can't change our habits. Time to sleep now, have a nice jam everyone :)

Chaos? 2

MrAmericanMike • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! 

Just looking around at what's going on for this 10th Alakajam.
I'm confused as to why there are 3 themes, but then I can see on a banner that they "kinda" explain it.

I don't see the reason for the 3 themes, but I see that a theme is the legit winner, another is a random from the "Shortlist" and anotherone is choosen by a viewer (whatever that means, I assume, during some stream?)

But the shortlist has 20 themes and none is "Chaos" so how did Chaos end on the final 3 themes?

ChaoticSpaceMappers of SPLORR!! 0

TheGrumpyGameDev • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Chaotic Space Mappers of SPLORR!!

Ok. I'm in. I have a lot of adulting to do this weekend, but I'll have something up there.

It will be a console .net app written in F#.

Once more unto the breach! 0

Kerri • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! 

I'm here once again to try and make something. I'm enjoying the theme suggestions this time around, and I was surprised when my suggestion of paths made it to #2 in the peoples choice! But as I always do, I come into these jams with zero ideas intentionally and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can interpret this chaotic intervention.

I'll likely be focussing on the Maps theme for now, but I'll be joined by a few friends who've never done this kind of thing before. Going to be a relaxed approach for sure. We'll be using Godot 3.2.3 as our primary tool, Wings3D if we need 3D stuff, Pyxel Edit for artsy stuff, Krita maybe we'll see. No idea about sound effects yet but I'm excited to get started.

Good luck everybody!

Here we go again 0

puarsliburf • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! 

Haven't done one of these in a while, but I finally have time to do so again.
Got some good themes as well, which doesn't hurt things.

I'll be using good ol' GM:S 2 and whatever audio program I feel like when the time comes for music.

Best of luck to you all!

This is an announcement of an application to this jam 0

Nobleboy • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Road to freedom

I hereby join this jam with a team potentionally counting 4 heads.

We have been training for this task relentlessly for the past 9 months by keeping our backsides tied to our pewdiepie-branded videogaming chairs.

We have set it as our sole goal to release a videogame that shall make you hurl, cry and defecate upon your brand new supreme-branded t-shirt and sparkling white new Jordans.

10th Alakajam! Solo Again... 0

MatchaMaze • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Weird Sea Treasure Hunt

Hello everyone!
Back and to the Jam!

This time due to constraints I'll be Jaming alone.
Going for something minimalistic!

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite, Krita
Audio: Bosca Ceoil, Vegas, Guitar

Streaming as much as I can!
Check out all the streamers!

Three themes at the start? That will be great! 0

Talia • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  HighSeaSweeper

Sometimes the themes are good, sometimes they don't matter and sometimes they can mess up the jam.
I like the idea of being able to choose from 3 themes.

I will be joining for the sixth time. I also wish everybody a lots of creativity and edurance for the Jam!!!

We're in! 2

Tipyx • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Sailor Swift

My partner in crime ( @Titaninette ) and I are in!
It'll be a first time in the world of gamedev and game jam for her, so it'll be very interesting for both of us :)

We'll use :

  • Haxe for the code language
  • Heaps / LED / CastleDB for the framework and tools
  • Aseprite to expose to the world my "beautiful" pixel art
  • Probably Beepbox for the music
  • And BFXR for the blip bloop things.

Good lick to all of you! 👅

My First Alakajam! Composer wanting to collab & make some music for this jam 2

bravura_music • 1 year ago on 10th Alakajam! 

Well hello there

I'm offering my services as a composer (no payment required of course) this weekend, to get involved in the 10th Alakajam!

If you're a dev and cooking a lil sutt'n up this weekend that you think… hmmm…. would be nice to have some TASTY AUDIO to go with these DELICIOUS VISUALS then I might be your guy :D

Limited portfolio at, these are mostly combat tracks for Action genre. Just to give you some examples - I can compose for most genres and styles :)

Let's talk if you're interested (

Best o' luck to everyone this weekend!