2nd AKJ Tournament belatedly begins! 3

toasty • 5 years ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament 

Here it is, at last: the 2nd AKJ Tournament!

"Hey, why the late starting date?"

We decided to delay slightly, to allow thorough voting on the 5th Kajam (theme: "Retro"). You can view the results here. Congratulations to the winners, and to everybody who participated!

So, what's this tournament all about?

Between the 9th and 23rd of September 2018 we'll be playing and competing at six games submitted to previous competitions. You can see the rules here.

Enough! What are the games already?!

Hunk Hustlersebastianscaini, Josh_Schwarm, Wulusi, carsonmackieBeat-em-up3rd Alakajam!
MAD SEEDvoxelFirst Person Shooter3rd Alakajam!
PandemiabenjaminPuzzle3rd Alakajam!Play vs 1 AI
Philosopher's StrikeWan, ThrainsaSpace Shooter1st Alakajam!
Thyl's TaleLaguna, KaramBharj, Thunraz, xXBloodyOrangeAction RPG5th Kajam
Whirling BladesDaFluffyPotatoIsometric Combat3rd Alakajam!

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 • 5 years ago • 

Cool stuff, looking forward to playing, mastering and then becoming one with these games (and then still be beat by @DaFluffyPotato)

 • 5 years ago • 

I'm not sure how but we need to find a way to unite and collaborate to beat @DaFluffyPotato!

 • 5 years ago • 

"We decided to delay it slightly…" Yeah, sure. :P

@wan @dollarone I'll be pretty busy this time with other stuff, so I shouldn't be too hard to beat.

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