Rating the hell out of games 0

n!ghtmare 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry The Escape

I would like to thank everyone who takes the effort to go through the games, from which some are worse and some are better. Some might not even run, but remember, it is not about "winning" the jam. It is about the fun you had and that new experience you have got from it. Maybe you couldn't finish your game, but next time you will!

I hope you tried to do some new things and went out of your comfort zone.

Do you have a friend (or 4 arms)? 2

Ztuu 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry ManaBall

Hey everyone, for this jam I made a local 2P game.
Because of that some people can't play it! :(

If you have a friend(or 4 arms) please consider coming over and checking out manaball!
I genuinely think the game is really fun, we had a blast playtesting it and would love your feedback.

Thanks guys <3

Beginning of a dream coming true... 1

legends2k 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry Sneak out!

First of a big thanks to the hosters of Alakajam, for doing this. It kicked me out of my analysis-paralysis loop and actually make a game. It feels great to have finally created something in three days that we're -- myself and team mate @suhaschintala -- proud of.

Play it right from your browser!

Sneak Out

A stealth-based game inspired by many tactical stratgey games that used to be pep back in the day including Commands, Desperados, etc. We originally wanted to submit this in the 2-day (ranked) category but we realized that many things needed polish for the elements to come together and feel like an actual game (Help, About, etc.) Though we didn't bite more than we could chew, two days would've been too hasty, so we fell back to the unranked category.

The art is completely hand-made in Krita, except for the Creative Common-lisenced background (parchment paper). Coded in C++ using the excellent raylib library. See the About screen for details on tools we used to build this.

Afterall, we are submitting this in the unranked category, your feedback and comments are all we want and appriciate.

Thank you: event hosters, fellow participants and/or players! I'm off to reviewing games made by others now. Cheers :)

cutting it close 0

half-half 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry What's the tea?

We got it 'finished'. At least it's release now anyway. It's the closest to a finished game either of us have made so that's a result!

We thought painting skirting boards was hard, nothing can prepare you for a game jam ;-)

I think we'll do a post about what went wrong etc, but too frazzled now. Time for a cuppa!

Streaming Soon - Bring your Games 3

TigerJ 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

My stream will start 1 hour after the unranked submission time.


You can see the start time in your local timezone here:


Follow me and bring your games here: tiger_J

My entry "Misspelled"! 0

havana24 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry Misspelled

Hi guys!
Here is my game called Misspelled if you would like to try it > Game page.
Now I'll start playing all the games!

This is my first Alakajam and I would like to say that the site is really cool and well made! Congrats!

Have a nice day!

Unlimited Wizard Magic Duel Release [ 26 Hours development ] 0

gechy 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry Unlimited Wizard Magic Duel

Video Gameplay !!

Unlimited Wizard Magic Duel is made for the 5th Alakajam is our first time developing in a Game Jam. We hope You like our game.

Spellcaster's Forest Development Timelapse 0

Game done! - Wizards 0

Sammy6 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry Wizards

After 2 days I have finished my game! Grab a friend and battle eachother in Wizards!

Game Page

Check Out WizKnight! 0

sebastianscaini 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry WizKnight

Check out WizKnight, our entry for this Alakajam!