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half-half 1 year ago

We got it 'finished'. At least it's release now anyway. It's the closest to a finished game either of us have made so that's a result!

We thought painting skirting boards was hard, nothing can prepare you for a game jam ;-)

I think we'll do a post about what went wrong etc, but too frazzled now. Time for a cuppa!

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half-half 1 year ago

Well nobody said your first game jam was going to be easy!

It's starting to take shape, despite hours wasted reinstalling tools and battling a Garbage Image Manipulation Program.

We've made a shop, with customers. There's a vague spell element too ;-)

In order to have something we can be a little proud of it is likely to be submitted unranked as it'd be nice to polish instead of just release a turd.

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half-half 1 year ago

One half has not completed ludum dare a couple of times.

Another half has not jammed before…

Together we cannot fail!

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