What's the tea?

Our first game jam! It's almost what we had in mind but missing a few features…


The locals are in need of more than just tea, use your magic to make them extra happy!


Play it!



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Comments (4)

3 months ago

I loved the concept. With more time you should probably be able to refine graphics and gameplay. It's not very clear that the tea components should be clickable and I guessed that click on the teapot would mix the ingredients.

Keep working!

3 months ago

This game looked like a lot of fun, bit I tried 5 times and could not get a single order right. Maybe some more hints at what the ingredients actually do would be helpful.
Anyway, the graphics are really pretty, good job!

EDIT: I did eventually figure it out, I was putting in way too many things.

3 months ago

Stepping in the shoes of a pixie making tea for choosy villagers with cutesy graphics and effective dialogue. I like the concept, if only the recipies were less obscure.

Didn't manage a single completely successful cup of tea in the dozen or so tries I was willing to put in. Naming the ingredients and having the characters give some pointers on why the drink failed would facilitating the guessing challenge.

Good work for what it is.

2 months ago

The concept is nice but I feel like I miss something. I success in making tea but only with one ingredient tea.
I score 5 at the end.
Is there multi-ingredient tea?

Anyway, good work for your first game jam ;)

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