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legends2k • 2 years ago on 5th Alakajam! entry  Sneak out!

First of a big thanks to the hosters of Alakajam, for doing this. It kicked me out of my analysis-paralysis loop and actually make a game. It feels great to have finally created something in three days that we're -- myself and team mate @suhaschintala -- proud of.

Play it right from your browser!

Sneak Out

A stealth-based game inspired by many tactical stratgey games that used to be pep back in the day including Commands, Desperados, etc. We originally wanted to submit this in the 2-day (ranked) category but we realized that many things needed polish for the elements to come together and feel like an actual game (Help, About, etc.) Though we didn't bite more than we could chew, two days would've been too hasty, so we fell back to the unranked category.

The art is completely hand-made in Krita, except for the Creative Common-lisenced background (parchment paper). Coded in C++ using the excellent raylib library. See the About screen for details on tools we used to build this.

Afterall, we are submitting this in the unranked category, your feedback and comments are all we want and appriciate.

Thank you: event hosters, fellow participants and/or players! I'm off to reviewing games made by others now. Cheers :)

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Hey congrats for finishing your game! Jams are perfect to break the habit of starting projects without finishing them :)

Despite you guys being unranked, you're still taking part in the Karma system where rating & reviewing games make your own entry more visible to others. So hopefully you should receive as much feedback as everyone!

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