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ran May 1-31st 

The Tournament is over! 3

Wan • 6 years ago 

After a full month of competition, the 1st AKJ Tournament is finally closed. Congratulations to @CMLSC for the well-deserved win! Nice job as well to @dollarone and @toasty who managed to get in the podium, and to all of the participants.

If you liked the event, know that we intend to make it a regular thing, the next occurrence being planned for the month of September. Some questions for next time:

  • What do you think of the number of games? Was 8 a good number or would you have preferred less? More?
  • Should we have prizes next time? (If so, it would be probably Steam games and/or Alakajam! goodies)
  • Did you mind the games being mostly for Windows only?

Any other thought or suggestion is welcome.

As for the next event… The 3rd Alakajam is finally approaching! It will be hosted in th 22-24th June week-end, which means the detailed schedule will be published next Monday. See you then :)

Let the Tournament begin 0

Wan • 6 years ago 

The 1st AKJ Tournament has begun! For the whole month of May, you will get to prove not your gamedev skills, but your gaming skills :) More rules info here

You'll find below the final selection of 8 games made by Alakajam! members. From arcade games to hardcore platformers to UFOs, you'll have plenty of material to test your skills. Have fun playing them and try your best to climb the leaderboard! A quick warning though: some games are Windows only. We'll aim for a fully cross-platform event next time, promised ;)

May the best player win!

The time has come
To prove you are the best
To crush your enemies
To win the Tournament (*)

Game Author(s) Genre Jam
Disappainted: Master of the Invisibrush dorkulon, cloakednunjas, treslapin MSPaint 2nd Alakajam! (1st place)
You Can't See Everything at Once sebastianscaini, EternalStormfire, Supermooper123, coleycaves Platformer 2nd Alakajam! (4th place)
Lollipop Ninja DaFluffyPotato Platformer 2nd Alakajam! (4th place)
Whiteout euske Arcade skiing 2nd Alakajam! (9th place)
Spike sorceress Arcade labyrinth 2nd Alakajam! (13th place)
Cooperoids: Tournament Edition toasty Asteroids MiniLD 74
Turbo/Glide rnlf Arcade transformer Ludum Dare 35 (86th place)
Drift Raindrinker Arcade racing Private jam hosted in Raindrinker's room and open to Raindrinker only (1st place)

Let's compete on jam games! 2

Wan • 6 years ago 

In May, Alakajam! is not hosting a gamedev event. Instead, there's something completely new in the works: we'll play and compete on game jam entries!

How it works

Throughout the month, everyone will get to play on a selection of 8 games (made in any past game jams) on which they'll try to make the highest scores/best times as possible. Using screenshots as proof, players will battle to enter (and remain in) the leaderboards.

Leaderboards points are awarded to all players that enter the top 10 of a game. At the end of the event, on May 31st, the player with the most points wins the tournament!

As usual, there's no prizes to be won other than bragging rights. We're just here to have fun!

Submit your game to the event

The list of 8 jam games to played is still in the works, and should be finalized on April 30th. If your game supports setting a high score or a best time, please submit it below!

Submit your game here

EDIT: List is locked down, and unveiled on Twitter