My puzzle game is almost complete 0

Mr. Chocolate Salmon • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  I.C (Depth Puzzle)

My game I.C (pronunced "eye see" or "ick", whichever you prefer) is almost done. Gameplay is finished, shaders/visuals are mostly done, and I'm just testing the music and sounds now. If I get time, I'm hoping to add a few more level sections as well!

I'm getting close! 0

DaFluffyPotato • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Aeroblaster

I've just got some levels to make, some polish to do, and a few simple mechanics to add. \o/

EDIT: I'm pretty much done. I've just got music and SFX left. Take a look at what it looks like after all the polish.

Greetings from L E V E L W A T E R 0

remco • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  levelwater

fish fighters 0

elZach • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Under The Sea

obviously I'm working on a high octane action shooter. :/

Diving in my code right now :) 2

benjamin • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  The Merciless Deep

parallax seems glitchy but gameplay is ready !!

Hope it's not too late, cuz I'm in! 0

Team-on • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! 

Just need to do something for next day, so I am going jam. Looks like it's my first jam, where I totally unprepared, I even haven't repository.
Here are tools: Unity, Aseprite and inspiring metal.
Also my friend @long-as-python going to participate in Trijam #58 parallel with me(ye, we chill in discord).

Explosions! \o/ 0

DaFluffyPotato • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Aeroblaster

performance test:

you feel a light breeze 1

Minecarts! 0

Wan • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Rockslide

Pheeew huge relief for me: after trying a first approach at implementing a minecart system and seeing the physics completely fail, I finally managed to put something together. Now on to actual gameplay…

Making a ragdoll penguin game 1

Glitch • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! 

First alakajam, not sure what this will turn into but currently working on an active physical ragdoll penguin style game. Hoping to get a sort of gangbeasts style controller together in the next 24 hours but who knows if thatll work out!

Ill post back with a gif later