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Luckius_ • 2 years ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Fungi vs. Bugs

First update

  • Started my project by doing "artwork" (sprites and stuff), and then adding some of them into my Godot project.
  • Created a custom grid class, because the Tilemap node wasn't satisfying enough.
  • Added some of the core things for my game.
  • Fixed a lot of small but game breaking bugs.

Can't show anything because I can't use hyperlinks yet. 1 day left, already tired, but not giving up yet.

Spoilers (if you don't want to know what my game is about (yet), don't read) : It's a Plants vs. Zombies type of game, but instead
you use mushrooms/fungi to fight against insects that are fungivore (snails, termites, beetles, and slugs) ! :D

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hey, that's a cool idea!

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