"The Attack of the Aliens" on Google Play 1

MatchaMaze • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  The ATTACK of the ALIENS

The Attack of the Aliens
Available on Google Play!

Try it out! Free! No Ads!


"The Earth is under attack! - The army is out of money!

Luckily the aliens attack only one soldier at a time…
Giving time for the army to raise some money via a tv show…
More show, more money…
Upgrade your soldiers to survive!
Or the aliens for more money…"

A small action game with pixel graphics and music to go with it.
Upgrades and achievements are included!

Pyramid Peril - Post-Jam version 0

HuvaaKoodia • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Pyramid Peril

First free weekend since the jam ended, how did I use it?

I used it well!

Many small improvements and one new feature (the cat statues); final polish, you could say.

Taken that the project did pretty well in the polls, a post-jam version was certainly needed. Having promised it multiple times during the jam, as always, was a factor too.

Try it here

Quote of the day
"Now I'm satisfied!"
-- Team member 2

Tombstone Boo! Publicly Released 0

TimBeaudet • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Tombstone Boo!

Hello Alakajammers!

I've finished polishing up the game and released the spooktacular game for FREE on itch.io checkout the game trailer and give it a quick play, what score can you manage? I've got a 2440! Can you?

If anyone has the patience to try, does the authorization with your itch.io account work? (no need to donate unless you really wish to, doing so gives a thank-you sign)

Aaaaand the results are OUT! 1

toasty • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! 

It's official: the results for the 4th Alakajam! are out!

You can find the results here:

Solo winners | Team winners

Kudos, high fives and back slaps to everyone who participated, in whatever way(s) you chose to. We hope you had a blast!

Now, we've got a teeny tiny little survey which you can fill in—just some feedback on how things are running, whether you'd like to get involved, and asking your opinion on some important future decisions.

OK, what's next?

November Challenge: November 2018
What's a November Challenge? Good question! Ever wondered what happens after you've made a game? @DaFluffyPotato will host this event taking us through marketing & releasing a game to the outside world, and maybe even making a profit :o

Behind the Scenes

Many thanks to the awesome @Tipyx for hosting this jam, and his little minions for helping out with maintenance and streaming. Also many thanks to those of you who jammed, played, streamed and/or speedran(runned?), as well as you, the community, for making this what it is.

We hope to see you soon! :)

A jam that made me fall in love with Game Jams 3

Nanukk Luik • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Ancient Sinkhole

I loved this jam, and hoping to work hard to get time off to do more in the future! Not only is this community really supportive but people put their heart and soul into most of these games - if not all.

Thanks for the awesome time! And hope to see you guys at the next jam! Can't wait to see the results. I think I know who is first place - but I'll keep that a Greek'fall' hush hush.

what i learned 0

LazorLord • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  FREE_GAME

i took 15 minute to make a prototype… the thing is i made joke at scool telling friends how it would be funny if that game had bether vote than the last one i made for the 3rd alakajam, than i received the first comment. and… peaple seems to like the game? than i showed it to my family who also found the game fun! that make me realise that i wast too meny effort on part of my game that peaple probably dont care about. and being lazy while making a game can be efficient at the end. this inspired me to make another game wich is still in development but i whanted to share with you my expirience during this alakajam. with my cold irony of a game called FREE_GAME.

Last Chance to Rate Falling in Love 1

sebastianscaini • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Falling In Love

It's you last chance to rate Falling in Love!

As always, we'll return the favor for rating and leaving a comment by playing and commenting on your game! So be sure to drop us a rating so we can give yours a play too!

And since it's Screenshot Saturday, here's a new and exciting gameplay GIF for you to enjoy!

Have played all 0

Prabh • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  TheMayor

Its been a long time since the jam started. Now I have played all the games and rated all of them. Dont forget to play THEMAYOR

So many awesome games! 1

SnowFox • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Burger Fall, in the works!

While messing around with my own games mechanics, I've tried to take some time to play other entries in this Alakajam. Many of the ones I got to play were either great, or had lots of potential with just a bit of polish.

I am so greatful for all the feedback that I have gotten for my own game, and I am implementing what I can to polish it up just a bit :).

I am a bit sad that some games are windows exclusive :(, and many of them look really cool to play! I run on a Mac, and try as I might, I can't get BootCamp or anything else to run windows properly. Old tech, ya see. I also have issues rendering 3D games. One of them actually crashed my computer.

Ah well, what can you do.

Only 5 days left... 2

Tipyx • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! 

Before knowing who will be the top 3 of this 4th Alakajam!

But to allow some games to be ranked, they'll need your help… and your rating! This is why we entered in "rescue mode".
You can too give them useful feedback and criticism on how improve their games.