1st Kajam status = complete 1

Wan 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

After a week of voting, the results of the first monthly competition are out! Congratulations to the podium ;) And thanks to all who took part in playing & reviewing the games.

The next Kajam will start this Friday evening (7pm UTC), i.e. on December 1st. Our first guest host will be @dollarone, announcing the theme once again as the event launches. See you this week-end!

Infested Zone Level Generator 2

HuvaaKoodia 2 years ago on 1st Kajam entry Infested Zone

I made a simple room based level generator for Infested Zone. It is heavily inspired by the generator in Spelunky.
Here's how it ticks.

The generator

1. Create a room database

In the handy dandy CSV format. The first line designates the type of the room, which sides it contain doors (openings) on and if it can be rotated or not.

Room Base 1 1 0 0 r

Extremely easy to setup in LibreOffice Calc with conditional formatting,

Likewise easy to implement in Unity. Just read the file and split lines with comma as the separator.

(I'm not going to bore you with code)

2. Create a 5x5 grid

A multidimentional int array, nothing else is needed.

3. Set one of the corners as the goal

Just pick a random corner. No safeguards here.

4. Find a valid path from the center to the goal using random walk

Random walk: pick a random direction, keep track of positions already visited, back up if surrounded by walls or visited positions, stop if goal reached otherwise repeat. A recursive function works well here.

This results in all sorts of paths. At worst the whole grid is filled, but usually gives a pretty straight forward path. The random walk can be skewed towards the goal position by weighting the direction choosing part (I'm not doing this as you can see in the gif below)

5. Add a valid sequence of rooms to the path

Making sure the doors match. Other than that the rooms are completely random. This is where earmarking each room with its doors comes to great use.

6. Add random rooms to other positions.

The randomization can be weighted or otherwise limited here if the results looks silly. Rooms with less doors seem to work pretty well as they don't mess too much with the path.

Done deal!


The room database is the saving grace here. No need to worry about invalid connections or silly shapes as the rooms are authored by a human designer. Rotating them adds a surprising about of variation too and the FOV system hides the grid like shape of the level pretty well.

Rating week is open... to all! 1

Wan 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

Congrats to all the entrants of the 1st Kajam!

This first event proved to be intimate with just 4 entries. I hope that even those of you who could not complete their games in time still had fun, and maybe learnt about game feel in the process! I've left the submission form open for late entrants.

Now for the little surprise: Game voting is open to everyone having an Alakajam! account. Curious to see how juicy our games turned out? Try them and leave a rating! And don't forget to review @HuvaaKoodia 's unranked entry as well ;)

The results of the tiny competition will be revealed this Sunday, 7pm UTC as usual.

Phew - Got something up anyway 2

automatonvx 2 years ago on 1st Kajam entry Endless Assault

My game Endless Assault submitted.
Not as juicy as i was hoping, but had fun making it and I learned a bit more about unity's lighting and particle effets so overall ok.

Teleballtation is finished! 0

bradur 2 years ago on 1st Kajam entry Teleballtation

I had grand plans for 1st Kajam: https://alakajam.com/post/235/a-la-kajam.
How did it turn out? Well, I managed to get a game out, and there is some polish to it, but nowhere near to what I had in mind.
It seems working on a game for a month or so is much harder than working on a game for just a weekend.

It was a pleasant experience anyhow, so no regrets.


Dropping Out 3

DaFluffyPotato 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

I've been distracted by some other games. My attention span for making games isn't very long, so I lost interest in the project for the Kajam pretty fast. ._.

Distraction #1(making a pokemon game from the ground up):

Distraction #2(messing around with perlin noise):

Distraction #3(making an online co-op shooter roguelike):

I don't think these long game jams are a good idea for me, I switch projects constantly, so it's hard for me to actually care about a single project for that long. There have only been 3 games I've made that I never lost interest in developing for more than a month, and I've been making games for 4 years. 48 hour game jams are perfect for me though! ^-^

I'm looking forward to the next Alakajam! and I'll probably see some of you during Ludum Dare #40.

This is where I stopped on the project(also in my last post):

Infested Zone is done 0

HuvaaKoodia 2 years ago on 1st Kajam entry Infested Zone

Finished early. Sure enough could spend more time on polish, but other projects are awaiting so better cut it here.

Try it out (no WebGL due to unity issues, unfortunately)

Lava! 2

HuvaaKoodia 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

Here's the repo for the metaball effect.

Audio is more or less in at the moment; I've only started on graphics. Should be able to hack something passable together this week.

Not Just a Level Editor Now! 0

DaFluffyPotato 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

Just finished the first and second levels. There will be an actual enemy in the third level though.

(older post)
Now that I've finished my level editor, I've started working on the actual game! ^-^

Kajam project progress 0

HuvaaKoodia 2 years ago on 1st Kajam

I needed a break from my main projects and there were a few ideas in the back of my head I've been wanting to try out. Here's the result so far (needlessly big gif, after the jump.)

Exploring some cool tech:

  • Procedural generation (a super simple room based deal)
  • Interaction system for chain reactions (explosions for now, more on this later)
  • Completely component based enemy behaviours (makes adding variations easy)
  • Neat field of view system (a quick 2D version of this project).

Coming along. Not put much effort into graphics yet as you can see.