Infested Zone

It's a game this time. What do you know!


Top-down shooter. Complete 5 levels to win. Tutorial included.
Keyboard and mouse only.

Developer's comments

A fun project. Turned out pretty much the way I intended. Even managed to wrangle the graphics as not to be embarrasing. Could use a few more sound effects (hopefully you won't notice where!)

No WebGL build as the current Unity version has a bug with the new Tilemap system.

Comments (1)

9 hours ago

Tough but fun. Minor points, would be easier to see what was going on if the darkness and walls were not quite the same shade of black so it was easier to see where the room ends and where its just shadow.. sometimes its not too clear. Would add left click to retry since there is so much retrying, no need to make the user take a hand of the mouse. Liked the screenshake and the stylistic choice of the sudden black as death.
Liked it.

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