Escape a rockslide using railcarts 0

Wan • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Rockslide

Here's our elevator pitch!

You're in a cave mining for diamonds, when you suddenly have to escape a rockslide. Your only chance is a nearby coal-powered railcart: use it to escape, managing your fuel by making quick stops to mine for coal… other more valuable rocks.

Seeking some ocean-related inspiration? Reddit has you covered 2

thomastc • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Core Drop I didn't even know that word until this started popping up on the front page.

First timer here! 0

Cuddl3s • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Johnny Depth

Hey everyone!

First timer here and I'm gonna use pico-8 just to get a bit more practice with it!
Wish you all a fun jam :)

Hyped and ready! 0

thomastc • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Core Drop

Going solo this time. Got rough ideas for some themes, not for all.

  • Godot 3.2 installed
  • Project created with base debug code (just Esc = exit for quicker testing)
  • Wacom tablet dusted off and connected
  • Zoom H1n portable audio recorder charged and tested
  • Digital piano hooked up to the USB port

Do I need all of this stuff? Who knows… but a little preparation won't hurt :)

Bring it on!! 0

Hekkusu • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  LOVE IS HELL

Hi guys!

Coming back here for the third time, @Annika @shooliagods and I are ready to roll! We'll be using GameMaker again as our engine and krita/photoshop for our graphics.

It's almost time for the stream, so good luck everyone! See you all on sunday °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Mystery keynote speaker 1

Aurel300 • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  The Fall of Atlantis

Who could be standing behind that podium?

Join us tonight at 18:00 UTC on DanaePlays channel for the launch stream to find out!

Less than 10 hrs to GO! 0

maartene • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Enjoy Diving

Looking forward to this weekend's Jam:

  • a shortlist of original themes that can be interpreted many different ways - wonder which one will end on top;
  • planned out the weekend for this;
  • great way to end my vacation.

Haven't decided on tech/tools yet. Though Love2D looks cool to give a try.

Good luck everyone!

Let's do this! 0

Kerri • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! 

I got out of hospital on Tuesday with not one, but two kidney stones that I have yet to pass. However I signed up for this with every intention of doing my best so here goes.

After what I can only call a miraculous success from AKJ7 I am hyped to jump right back in to making something new and exciting to learn with. I'll be entering the 3 day jam as a solo this year supported by my wonderful girlfriend so I'm going to have to make some sacrifices in regards to music and sfx but I'll see what I can do.

I'll be using Godot again as the engine as it served me well last time, wings 3D and krita/inkscape for graphics and if I somehow manage it, bfxr for sfx and Sibelius for music.

Good luck to everyone taking part whether you're here to compete or just have a good time. Looking forward to all the entries I'll get to play.

Preparing for PICO 0

Odrez • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Anywhere for you

This will be the first jam where I'll use PICO-8 to create a game and I'm already quite excited!

While I was going through some tutorials I remembered a 2008 netbook I still had in my drawer, et voilà:

It runs xubuntu and now directly boots into PICO-8. Also adjusted Terminator for a C64 feel:

Despite 32bit and single core, pico runs surprisingly well. This thing might be old, but has a solid battery. It's great to have a machine that I just can boot up and start programming, even on the go. :)

Happy Jam everyone!

I'm in! Third time the charm 2

MatchaMaze • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Light In The Deep

After last times quite unsuccesfull attempt, I'm back with more knowledge and ambition than ever!
(Just realised I missed 2 Jams… Shame..)
This time as a team! On my side is Oliminor (graphics expert)!

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite
Music: Sound Forge / Bosca ceoil
Motivation: Maltesers

Might even do a dev. log on it… Anyone would be interested?