I'm in! Third time the charm 2

MatchaMaze • 1 year ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Light In The Deep

After last times quite unsuccesfull attempt, I'm back with more knowledge and ambition than ever!
(Just realised I missed 2 Jams… Shame..)
This time as a team! On my side is Oliminor (graphics expert)!

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite
Music: Sound Forge / Bosca ceoil
Motivation: Maltesers

Might even do a dev. log on it… Anyone would be interested?

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 • 1 year ago • 

Dev logs are always welcome, it's a cool thing to watch people's progress during the jam :) I'll surely write a blog post or two during the week-end too

(@Cloie) • 1 year ago • 

Good luck and nice choice of motivation. I always love a good dev log too but if you feel like you don't have the time don't force it.

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