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Ritual and invocation
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tree: the root.
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Move Them
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Let's ship a game 0

remiv • 3 years ago 

I’m trying to create a game, but I didn't relay code for some time: I've lost some skill.

For now working on the movement of a boat.

Mostly finished game. 1

remiv • 4 years ago 

Okay, I realy need animation skill. But it à small simple game.

I had severall technical problem (as in: forgotten plug for a laptop,…), and it realy lake animation.

I've fishes! 0

remiv • 4 years ago 

I’ve a controled fishes flock :

Now, I've to create a game from this…

It's a start: nothing is growing, yet 0

remiv • 5 years ago 

A very early game:
the camera move, but nothing else for now…
I lost lot of time on technical minor problem, should do more training…

Starting a new game 0

remiv • 6 years ago 

Well, i will try to make a game. No idea yet, but looking for it.

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The Merciless Deep
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A Small Boat race
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Surviving Flock
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