A Small Boat race

A HTML5/javascript game made with pasher.io 3 game engine.

You have to drive it from start as quick as possible.

You will need a gamepad to run this, tested on both firefox and chrome (it seem there are less quirk with chrome).

All graphics are done by me.

Smaller score are better !

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  • 5 months ago • 

There is a bug on firefox on Windows. Please try with chrome.

 • 5 months ago • 

I have no gamepad. Judging by the 1 rating received so far, many other people don't have gamepads either. Any chance you could add keyboard/mouse controls?

 • 5 months ago • 

I didn't manage to find the end goal, but I did manage to ram the boat into corner and get it royally stuck…

Simple idea and it just about functions. The objective should be clearer and the boat physics should be refined to include drifting and bouncing on bigger waves. Throw in wave physics and it is a simple endeavour no longer. Well, if you like boats why not look into it?

 • 5 months ago • 

It's quite nice to navigate once you get the hang of it; but I needed to understand first that engine power would not go down when I released the trigger. Also, it helped to discover that negative speeds were possible.

The friction against obstacles is quite harsh, it's easy to get stuck and lose significant time.

I liked the color scheme and readable HUD

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You just have to drive your boat the quick as possible from one goal to another.





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