Surviving Flock

You will control a flock of fish.
The move on their own rule, but one is that if the mouse cursor is near enought, they are attracted by it.

The fish will be attacked, and you need to guide them safely.

The more survivors there will be, and the longer you last, the more points you will score.

There is a bug when restarting the game. Just reload the page to continue.

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 • 5 months ago  • 

I love the fish swarm. It's like having a family.
I also like that the counter decreases with the amount of fishes.
I like that the fishes can interact with the sharp (I mean the bouncing).
Unfortunately the game broke at second try with an endless loop.

Keep going! :D

 • 5 months ago  • 

It's fun to see our little guys follow our mouse, but this shark is so difficult to dodge !
Good job it was fun

   • 5 months ago  • 

Thanks to both of you. @Dolores123: you can easily restart the game by reloading the page. Not ideal, but it work.

 • 5 months ago  • 

Fun game, guiding those little fish was and trying to avoid everything that comes at them was fun.
On the minor things I think adding a bit more feedback like a trail when fishes are attracted by your mouse can be a nice touch. Also they can swim backwards if we guide them to the left :p
Anyway well done those fish are fun to control!

 • 5 months ago  • 

10592 is my best score, One of my game was unfinished becasue the game didnt detect I had 0 fish left.
I wish I could make them swim faster by holding left click ( with a tired meter maybe )

   • 5 months ago  • 

The "swim faster on left click, with iterd meter", as the "flew on right click" was idea I had but didn't had time to wrote. As an atack by above (a diving bird) (in this case, the shark would have been slower).

 • 5 months ago  • 

Loved the game! Gameplay is 10/10! The game is creative and fun. If you'll work on the graphics and some additional threats/mecahnics, I would play it on mobile or console. Excelent entry, good work!

 • 5 months ago  • 

My shoal of fish was small and lived but a while. Tore my soul to see them eaten by sharks most vile.
Blasted sharks…

Flocking behavior is a fun thing to play around with indeed. Alongside a bit of challenge, as is the case here, a marvelous time waster can be constructed with ease. While the graphics are simple and the enemy attacks predictable, there is no denying the charm and potential of this design.

Thematically depth is mostly touched upon visually. Moving deeper into the ocean does make it harder to retain a sizable group of fishies, yet there could be a more pronounced effect for such daring. Strong water currents or decreased visibility, per chance?

Solid work in all.

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Below Average (4.0)
Gameplay: Above Average (6.0)
Originality: Great (8.0)
Theme: Below Average (4.0)

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 5 months ago  • 

The boids idea works quite well! The shark does seem a little OP though, especially with the slow speed of the fish, but it presents you with a challenge which isn't a bit thing. Overall, it's a decent entry. Good job!

 • 5 months ago  • 

Cute little fishes! The game gets pretty tense near the end. I found that the best strategy is to just keep moving back and forth along the top of the screen, which gives you the most time to react to incoming sharks. If you get even halfway deep, you don't stand a chance against them. Then you just need to get lucky that no fishnet comes by to sweep you up.

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Your fish must survive, against the attacks





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