WizBiz is finished! 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry WizBiz

My little strategic combat game is finished!

You help a wizard retrieve a magical chalice by fighting his way through a series of encounters.

Couldn't finish. Technical complications 1

Khamarr3524 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

Sadly have to shelve the idea of submitting. Issues with a borrowed unit system caused enemy movement to be comical at best and fatally error after a few seconds of spawning. Might fix up the project in the future but for now it will remain in an untitled project folder on my drive. Probably 80% done but one of the biggest systems came crashing down in the last few hours.

Menu and Tutorial 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

My game now has a title screen and a tutorial. This means that all I have left to do now if to add a game over screen and a win screen.

Almost there before the deadline 1

cygni 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

Less than three hours left and I still need to finish everything!

Here's where the game was last night:

And here's an update from this morning:

A huge improvement, I think, but I still need to change that damn lime color. It's going to be a mix and match game, so an NPC tells you the spell they want to buy and you have to pick the best ingredients for it.

My teammate enlightningbugs finished all the art yesterday, so at the very least the game will be pretty to loook at.

I can't submit, Didn't have time to work on it. 0

Orionintheforest 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

Like snowfox, I just did not have much time at all to some game development on it. The most far I got when developing was finishing half the art. Life loves to block me from touching my PC. Here is some of the art that I worked on if your interested in it.

Idle V1

Idle V2

Attack V1




That's about it. It completely sucks that I could'nt work on it, but what's in this post is all that I have, and 2 builds with no useable code. Sorry people.

oh boy 0

paperaero 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! entry BrainWash


i finally got my game finished and submitted
i really wished i could tweak it some more though
my hands are still kinda shaking haha
welp im gonna go to sleep now
good luck on your submissions! some of you guys have really great looking games so far

we're ... still married? 1

half-half 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

Well nobody said your first game jam was going to be easy!

It's starting to take shape, despite hours wasted reinstalling tools and battling a Garbage Image Manipulation Program.

We've made a shop, with customers. There's a vague spell element too ;-)

In order to have something we can be a little proud of it is likely to be submitted unranked as it'd be nice to polish instead of just release a turd.

Less than a quarter of the time left, first signs of gameplay 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

A vast majority of the time has passed and I have just now managed to create something that any sane person would actually call a game.

Most of the graphics seen here were originally meant as placeholders, but I doubt I'll have enough time to make replacements

I've finished most of the game... So tired. 1

Defeated by Time: Why I won't be submitting ranked. 0

SnowFox 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam!

Life has its twists and turns. In my case, it dropped me off the side of the road to roll me off a cliff.

Things I couldn't avoid got in the way all day. I haven't worked on it since yesterday, and I don't think I'll have anything remotely interesting before the deadline. So, I'm not gonna worry about it. I plan to work on it tomorrow all day and hope I have something for the Unranked submissions.

Hope everyone is doing well with their own projects!

Best of Luck!