you, a small pshyic wizard has the power to control skeletons! when you performed your skeletal ritual, you mispronounced one of the chants! portals start appearing everywhere with skeletons pouring out, furious that you failed to do the ritual correctly. luckily, you just learnt one of your most powerful spells: the brainwash!

dang i really didnt have time to make it too polished of a product (compared to my other submissions) due to time constraints

use WASD or the arrow keys to move a little wizard around a graveyard.
press K to control the mind of one skeleton in the radius around you.
run into other skeletons to kill them with a small explosion.
portals from hell are opening everywhere

i really want to get more things done but it will be quite time consuming, so this is the prototype

i hope you'll enjoy my submission!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).


a top-down shooter where you control the minds of your enemies!




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(@OatMealPal) • 6 months ago

I love the graphics in this. I'm a sucker for black and white pixel art games (idk why) and I love the way the skeletons move. If the game kept track of my score, I'd be playing it for a loooooong time.
It'd be neat if you could control multiple dudes, too.

6 months ago

@OatMealPal thank you!! and when i was developing the game i thought of controlling mutiple skeletons but i dont know why i didnt do it. also the scoreboard is a nice suggestion! how did i not think of that :/

(@thesunda) • 6 months ago

This is so cool!
The simple mechanics makes it easy to keep playing for a while and I really liked how you twisted the bullet hell idea to fit the spellcasting theme. I'm a huge fan of this kind of graphics in general, often ppl consider it as a constraint but definitely makes us more creative. The skellys are cute.

damnn, nice job!

6 months ago

This is a cute little idea and I really like it.
The art is super cute and the overall style comes together really nicely.
I like the main mechanic of mind controlling. It's original and fun.
I think the game needs tweaked for balance but the idea is a good one. Does it control nearest skele? Because I think it should. Then you have a bit more control and you can know exactly who you're going to control when you hit the button.
Look forward to seeing if you develop it further!

6 months ago

I love those 2 colors game. <3
Here the animations are too cool.
The concept is easy but works really well… it's a bummer that there are no sound involved.
Nice entry dude, keep working on it because the idea is cool! :)

6 months ago

@thesunda thank you!!

@Ztuu it actualy random picks one skele in the radius. i could try to make it the nearest but that would be pretty hard for me but i will try nontheless! also yea i could develop it further :o

@havvana24 thanks! i'll try adding sounds too!

6 months ago

Its a fun little game. I got stuck and couldn't move after i got hit by an enemy while I hit him with a skeleton of my own.
Its really hard to tell which skelleton gets mind controlled, I think it would be better if you would always braincontrol the skeleton closest to you.
Some kind of score system is missing, it would have been nice to be able to compare yourself to the other players.

All in all I think its a good entry that can be developt to a really fun game.

6 months ago

This game is almost really addicting for me, but there a few things missing. (mainly because of the time constraint)

Mainly, the lack of any incentive to do better makes the game lose a ton of replayability. Maybe just a score for how many skeletons you've killed or how long you survived would be good.

Just that and a little polish I think would make this game really cool.

6 months ago

@Huliandos thanks for the suggestion and thank you!

@Sammy6 aaaa im really sorry im tryna make the post jam version but during the weekdays are kinda busy but yea i will put a score system in

(@pepelka) • 6 months ago

It's very addictive and graphics fits perfect for this kind of game. There is frustrating bug when charachter becomes uncotrollable and you cannot even take anyone coming to the zone under controll, but it's ok and not that disturbing because you dies many times anyways

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