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paperaero 9 months ago


i finally got my game finished and submitted
i really wished i could tweak it some more though
my hands are still kinda shaking haha
welp im gonna go to sleep now
good luck on your submissions! some of you guys have really great looking games so far

paperaero 1 year ago

After the success of making something innovative from the 2nd Alakajam with Darkness, this time I'll definitely be inside.
I'll be usinnn (kinda of the same the last time)

-Clickteam Fusion 2.5
-Boesca Ceoil (if i have time)
-My brain :3

Man I actually can't wait for this time's Alakajam… Good luck to all those participating as well! :D

paperaero 1 year ago

how did i get 112 feedback score with 5 votes already?? was my game really that good?

paperaero 1 year ago

2 votes, 8 more! 1 day, till 11 March more!

yay 4 votesss
also, everyone's games are really, really cool!

paperaero 1 year ago

welp aparantly i was stupid and forgot to even allow you to progress from the title screen in my game -3-
apologies to those who played like, the moment it was released

paperaero 1 year ago

AHHHHH yess i submitted my game. I saw the 12 hour announcement to post blogs but i was way too busy to do that. Everyone's games seem interesting and happy reviewing other peoples games! (BTW for the early submission, the submission hour starts and like, 3am in where i live and no way I'm staying that late for a school night -3-)

paperaero 1 year ago

Ugh i gotta revise for my examss. And the game jam starts at 3am in where i livee whyy i'll probably have to go unranked but i'll try completing it in two days. Dont expect too much

paperaero 1 year ago

HOw do you change your profile?? I just type the .png file into the Avatar in my profile, then nothing happens! What do I do?

paperaero 1 year ago

(if i can)

I have only done 1 game jam before and this is going to be interesting. Not a lot of experience though. No one seems to be using Clickteam Fusion but i'll be using that.

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