• WASD to move and jump (and double jump)
  • S to light fires


  • Fires help light up paths and activate jumpers
  • Moving platforms will pick you up
  • Go to the right of the screen to win


  • 2/27
    Just gave my game an icon. Also, there is a sentence at the end of the game which determines the amount of keys you got so yay
    The last level got some people stuck. There is now a reset button which is 'Enter' only for that level. Speaking about that level, some design changes have been done.
    Also, if you want to see all the sentences for getting the keys, press Tab on the end screen.

  • 2/28
    Changed keys to cubes to avoid confusion
    Also made it so there is okay-ish music and sound effects

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


I tried playing your game (I'm using Windows 10) but it said it couldn't be executed on my PC. Dunno why. It simply won't execute, even as admin.

a year ago

hmm let me edit my itch.io screen again. tell me if it works

a year ago

dang. this is real strange. nothing seems to be working. i'll try to find out why…

a year ago

OK I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. it should be playable now (this isn't cheating right? >.

a year ago

Very well done game, i like the minimalistic art style and protagonist sprite and animations. A LOT of very interesting mechanics in this game and i like how every level introduces new mechanic and level design is also on point. Really good game!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Hey! I could play it now.

The "shadow" effect was really well done. I think the controls could be a little better though - sometimes, double jumping wasn't possible, and I don't really know why.

With tighter controls and more polish, this could improve a lot. Well done for 48h though!

a year ago

I really liked the mechanic with lighting up the "power ups" and how the levels unfolded. Great job!

a year ago

I liked the mechanics you used to make this game possible, sadly the controls sometimes screwed up and at one part I was unable to play because it didnt let me move left or right anymore but i really like the game for 48 hours! Sadly the sound didnt seem to work for me but I dont know if it was intended to. I just saw the options to turn it off and on.

I did enjoy playing what i did though :D

a year ago

uhhh theres no sound at all for your info
thanks for the feedback tho, and controls are also a bit of a problem in the game. thanks anyways

a year ago

NIce and clever mechanics!
In the level that you can't go left (I think this is the last level), the arrow is pointing to right, and it should point left, right? I got the idea of moving right by using the platforms, but the first platform moved me to the left and I fell down by touching the ground, so I couldn't jump on the platform again. Maybe add an option to reset the level?
Apart from this, you made a very good game, congratulations!

a year ago

@Pepelumen well, technically you're looking backwards so if you move left you will "look away" lel
And yes, I kind of noticed the getting stuck thingy. I'll try to do that once i have the time

a year ago

Oooh I get it now. I didn't notice the direction of the character, but yes it makes sense XD

a year ago

Hey I'm not seeing a download button on the Itch page. How do I play this?

a year ago

@ciobeni oh, whoops. that was an accident! should be working now

a year ago

Really cool! The mechanic works great and the art is slick. I think I got stuck int he level where you must go right using the platforms… I reach the end and nothing happens. Also in the previous level I didn't get the key and I completed it anyway, are they optional?

Really nice game and mechanic!

a year ago

Nice game some really intersting mechanics there that i hadn't seen before. I didn't make it ot the end, got stuck on teh room where you are stuck facing one direction and have to hop on the platforms to get right. I was a bit confused by the keys, on most levels it seems to make no diffrence ut on that one if i complete it without the key I just seem to get stuck so i'm assuming i need it. Would have loved some music to help soothe the frustration

a year ago

i know sometimes limiting the movement was the point, but other times i think the game wouldn't let me double jump for no reason. i managed to make it through, though- really neat concept!

a year ago

@Raindrinker yeah but collecting them adds a bit of challange

@automatonvx thanks! that level didn't need the key. i assumed you played before i updated cuz that was one of the things that i noticed and quickly changed. and i also tried my best to add music. should probably do that in one of the post jam updates

@horizontale mhm double jumping is a bit weird but i dont think i can improve it still

a year ago

In the level where you use platfroms to go right, I reached the end and the light dims but nothign happens. Is it a buig or am I doing something wrong? I'd like to finish the game, I was having a good time :)

Also, if keys are not needed consider changing them to coins or something, keys are so often the necessary collectable to progress.

a year ago

im pretty sure its a bug. it seems fine for me

im just gonna turn them to cubes or smth like that. just to avoid confusion

a year ago

Same thing happened to me, couldn't figure out what to do just has a grey wildfire and no input seemed to do anything, enter brought me back to the platforms level. Also didn't know keys were optional ^^'

Great game though, the concept is super smart and works perfectly, level design is clean and the learning of the mechanics is nicely adjusted, wp to you !

a year ago

I really like the style of this one, as well as the tiny filesize (slow connection here). Short and sweet. Controls were a bit fiddly in places but not so much to detract from the experience. Great entry!

a year ago

Wow! Amazing idea! I really like how the mechanics get more and more complex, It really adds a lot of depth to the game! A little more work on it, with like, adding more animations, audio, and levels, would make a very nice and famous game!

I also like how the tutorial is handled, and how clever is the idea of having the box of an especific mechanic litten in order to use it.

Nice job!

a year ago

Simple, effective, innovative!

Non-standard mechanics are always of great interest to me. Each level introducing something new is just dandy!

Grabbing the key/cube in the last level is trickier than it should due to the input limitation and the tricky moving platforms (they drop you when changing directions if standing near the edge), but other than that everything works about as intended.

Not much else to say. You could build quite a few levels with these mechanics already. Good work!

Overall: 7 (Good)
Graphics: 5 (Average)
Gameplay: 6 (Above average)
Originality: 8 (Great)
Theme: 8 (Great)

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Having darkness surrounding you and your sight varying from time to time, make your way through this puzzle platformer. Fires light your path and jumpers activate only in light. Will you overcome your fear?





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