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Marxs done ! 0

Dartictheunic • 4 years ago 

We ended up being way more than we thought but it was love and fun all the way !

We tried to do things we weren't used to and had lots of problem but we're pretty happy about the result in the end

Thanks to the Alakajam organisators, you guys did an awesome jobs and well played to everyone, I'm excited to play all your games, they seem really cool !

And a special thank to Thomas Lean who did the sound design and Othilie Berger who did the highpoly 3d models even though they weren't even supposed to participate

Playtesting 5

Dartictheunic • 4 years ago 

Hey, we intended our game for Xbox controller, but I was wondering if everyone here had one, if not I'll add keyboard even though it won't be as cool as the controller feeling é_è

Mechanics, good. 2

Dartictheunic • 4 years ago 

Well we finished designing our main mechanic, still needs polishing but works perfectly ! Hope you're all having as much fun as us !

First Alakajam ! 0

Dartictheunic • 4 years ago 

Hey everyone, I'm Alexis a Game Design student in France. I was at school today when I saw there was a jam this w-e and I'll be doing it with my flatmate and maybe another friend. We're probably gonna use Unity or Construct and will begin in a few minutes !

We're here mainly for sport, we don't aim to be the biggest game but we're looking to have fun and train :D

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