An infinite runner, we did our best to provide something fun and visually interesting.

Xbox controller: A to jump, LT/RT to swap views
Keyboard: Space to jump, Tab to swap views

Press Escape to quit

Othilie Berger: 3D
Antoine Blossier: 3D and After Effect
Hugo Guisnet: Pixel Art
Alexis Jouanneau: GD and prog
Thomas Lean: Sound Design


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This game entered in the Team competition (20 entries).


A 2D runner game in a perfect world





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Comments (14)

a year ago

Pretty fun game but swaping didn't for on my xbox controller. It was a Xbox one controller so if the game was made with a Xbox 360 controller that could be the problem.

a year ago

The HTML5 version isn't exactly the same as the executable, Xbox one controller only works on the executable version :(
Dunno why tbh, it's my first time exporting on HTML with unity so I guess I configured it poorly ^^'

Anyway thanks a lot for the review

a year ago

We were also thinking about trying "color filters" with a more action-heavy game, so this was really interesting to see! :) I'm really happy you went with this idea! It really feels like something that could be developed further!

The beginning seems simultaneously a bit easy and a bit too difficult; it's difficult because it's quite slow, but also because obstacles appear very frequently. It would be nice to see what you ran into in the other world as well when you die.

Something like this could work if the obstacles were slightly more sparse, and you received a warning from the other world. It'd turn into a kind of frantic rhythm game. Not having enough information and switching between green and magenta for no reason (esp. with the delay when switching) breaks the flow a bit.

The reverse might also be fun; where you can escape danger by going to the other world. I think there really is something here!

Anonymous • a year ago

Kinda frustrating to play. You have to switch between worlds constantly to avoid dying, but the transition between worlds is jarring, and the generated obstacles don't take into account the time it takes to land after jumping. Visuals and music are pretty good.

a year ago

@dorkulon Yeah ik, totally agree with you but it was my first time doing a procedural game and it took my a lot of time to get something to work.
The idea of avoiding things by switching was also a possibility, but we felt like what we did was more in the Theme of the jam.
Anyway thanks a lot for you feedback !

@anonymous The "jar" is also here to allow you to input before the game resumes, but I agree with you it could be smoother. There also are problems with generated obstacles but infortunately I couldn't fix them before publishing :/

a year ago

Great idea, fits very well within the given theme and excels in taking such a classic concept and altering it just enough to create a new and enjoyable experience. On the down side, level design needs some tweaking as you can't always avoid all obstacles but that's a minor problem to be expected in a Jam. Music is solid and fits well with the art and universe. Solid 5/7.

a year ago

@Kayouh thank you it feels almost too much ahah glad you enjoyed it and yeah LD is just bad

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


Well, I played the game. Nice concept, but it was running very slow to me…and it was worse when I changed worlds, which led to a lot of deaths. Sometimes the obstacles didn't seem very fair, too.

But the soundtrack is on point :D

a year ago

@Dartictheunic I definitely agree that this was more in the theme :) I think you did a great job with this!

a year ago

The gameplay itself is fun. Some scoring would be nice.

(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

Nice music! But the slow down when swapping worlds really breaks the flow of the game and hinders a good gameplay. Also the jump feels too slow. After a few tries I still couldn't get past the first few obstacles.

a year ago

Nice idea but like it was said before, the slow and the time needed to swap betweens the two worlds make the game less fluid. I would have liked more differents enemies/obstacles instead of have too many obstacles at the beginning.
I really like the music tho ;)

a year ago

You managed to respect the theme, and your graphical assets are nice. I like the music a lot too! I had difficulties with the gameplay though. I swapped smoothly between worlds, contrarily to some comemnts above, but never really got into a flow where I felt exactly what I had to do. Deaths seemed a little bit too random; some hint of what is happening in the other world would have been nice. Nice job anyway!

a year ago

Hey! I like the concept! I have no more observations than the ones already mentioned. I like how you got the tutorial part. Nice Job!

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