Keynote for the Adventure Kajam 1

The Jamician • 6 days ago on Adventure Kajam 

Get inspired for the upcoming Adventure Kajam with the animated keynote created by @Aurel300!

Lots of awesome games to play and rate! 2

M2tias • 25 days ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Robocalypse Now

Hey, don't forget to rate games. That's a big part of the jam after all! There are some really cool games 🤯

Nya 1

Sayuki • 1 month ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Robotic Composition

Yo, my name is Sayuki and I'm acting here as a concept artist! I started making games recently, please don't judge strictly.
Today l'm with Ruslan finished making a game for the current jam. For the first time it was difficult, but no less interesting.Thx to him for the opportunity to try his hand at this<3 I hope to continue to improve my skills in the field of concept games..

I'm in! 2

Kesslwovv • 1 month ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Crystal Fighters

I just got some free time so let's go!

Source of inspiration 1

Aurel300 • 1 month ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Korobo: Save the trees!

I hope this helps you.

I'm in 0

heyheyhey • 1 month ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Ghost Heart

My second Alakajam.


REPLICA Framework
JavaScript with jQuery
Krita + pencil and paper
BeepBox, jsfxr

Good luck everyone!

Useful tools for game jams 0

DictorDro • 1 month ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Robotic Composition

Hi guys!
Just wanna share some tools for Unity created by me (hope this is allowed), and which I use in almost each game jam (where pre-made assets are allowed). They can speed-up development process, as they contains some ready for use common components & scripts.
All assets contains readme in their repo.

Asset (+ link) Description
Unity Template Project Rich set of common components to start you new project. Contains both pre-made basic folder structure (for scripts, prefabs, materials etc and game components like movement, health, UI, game management
Profit Scripts extensions in categories: coroutines, collections, math, components, etc

All assets are being getting better from time to time.

The Witch, the Moon, and Alice: New Version 0

heyheyhey • 3 months ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  The Witch, the Moon, and Alice

A post-jam version of The Witch, the Moon, and Alice is now available here.

This version features more puzzles, new areas, new creatures, music, and a background story.

Thanks go to everyone who provided feedback.

Music credits:

Brian Cavanaugh (cave music, victory music)

John Bartmann:


Search for Arryn: post-jam version available 0

Jcatie • 3 months ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  Search for Arryn

We've added a post-jam version to our 12th Alakajam! -entry, Search for Arryn!

In this version, we're inching closer to how we wanted this game to end up as, by including some small visual tweaks. However, the main purpose of this version was to fix the bugs that remained in the jam build, and so we did, to provide a better playing experience for those that just want to check out the game. :)

There's definitely still things we would like to improve upon and add into the game. For example, audio is a major feature that we agree would add a lot to the game, so that is on top of the list for things to be added. Thus, we may return to develop the post-jam build to create more of a fully realized experience!

Mac and Linux build available 0

Kesslwovv • 3 months ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  Toxic Cave

My Game in now also available as a linux or mac executable! ( page)
it took me a week to figure out how to use pyinstaller…
PS: is this considered 'begging for votes' ? if so, please let me know and i will delete this post immediately ;-)