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voxel • 24 days ago on 15th Kajam 

Looking forward to another Kajam, thought I'd sign up a little early and make sure it's in my calendar. Bummed I was unable to join the most recent alakajam, so now I have to wait in jam-jail until May.

Hopefully the theme will be something retro-friendly, I haven't done any 'modern' gamedev in a few months now - old consoles and computers are better (and people will say 'wow this runs on DOS? so cool!' and ignore the fact that the game is awful).

Also I'm hoping we maintain a no-AI or 'all AI content must be declared so voxel can downvote it' stance on jam submissions. I'm only interested in playing things made by the alakajam community, not content fever-dreamed by water and energy guzzling ML platforms trained on stolen content, thanks!

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 • 22 days ago • 

Fingers crossed you can join next time!

I think I agree on the AI thing, it's so soulless…

 • 6 days ago • 

I could easily get behind the "declare AI trained on large datasets so that voxel can downvote it" rule….

It's so wierd to me that the meaning of AI has almost changed. Everything about gamedev used to be about AI - I have books from the 90s on my shelf about AI in gamedev, and games were a place to experiment with AI. If we ban the techniques found in those books I would complain.

 • 5 days ago • 

In my beginner courses for Godot and Unity I call the old-school AI just "enemy behaviour" now

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