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toasty • 5 days ago on 15th Kajam entry  Yelp

I made my game Yelp for the limitations kajam. Despite 6 weeks of jam time, I was still coding in the final hour. 🥲

I'm glad I submitted something, but there's very little actual gameplay and it's not particularly fun either. I focused mainly on the "Over-sensitive" limitation (use as many inputs as possible) and chose to use the microphone to propel the player and trigger attacks, but I quickly ran into technical issues. I couldn't always reliably detect and utilise microphone input (possibly because of noise cancelling and/or a lack of API understanding), so ultimately I restricted it to just attacking. Even then there is a noticeable lag between screaming at the computer and it actually attacking (possibly this could be reduced if I better understood the various HTML/JS audio APIs). Still, I think it's pretty novel for a jam game and I'm glad I tried.

Originally I'd aimed for a horror game, and the game briefly had a shroud around most of the screen. Not being able to see what's coming is a common horror trope and it did improve the feel. But I also wanted to aim for the "Geometron" (no textures; geometry only) limitation, and a decent-looking shroud meant technically using a texture, even if it was auto-generated. It's also a tall order to create a horror game without sounds for atmosphere.

I learned a lot, though. This is the first graphical (i.e. not mostly HTML/UI) game I've made in a while. Turns out Pixi.js is still a solid rendering engine. I was less keen on matter-js for physics, mostly because the docs aren't very helpful and the API isn't always predictable. I'd happily use Pixi again, but would be tempted to seek another physics solution (library or roll my own).

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